Child Sex Scandals and “Offensive” Comments

While some people read the National Enquirer for some actual news that New York Times, CBS and Faux News won’t dare touch, I look at Alex Jones’s website (when I’m not reading LRC, of course). Alex Jones is the one with a lot of “Grrrr” in his voice and never one to hold back in saying what’s on his mind. In this article, we see that Prince Andrew, the “Duke of York” (whatever the hell that is), is alleged to be soliciting sex from children. (More details here.) The Infowars article also links to a previous one on U.K.’s Scotland Yard now investigating a widespread pedophile ring in the U.K which includes allegedly 40 members of Parliament who either participated in or knew about the scandal of sexual abuse and rape of children, some instances of which apparently going back to the 1980s. No, this isn’t the Boston priests scandal with cases going back to the 1960s, it’s politicians in the U.K.. But it wouldn’t surprise me if this kind of thing is also going on in the U.S. Oh wait, it has happened in the U.S., and still is. What is wrong with these people who have a lot of power and social status? I guess some of them just like to take advantage of those who are younger, more vulnerable and powerless.

Anyway, but one thing the Brits really are concerned about is “Offensive Comments” on Twitter which supposedly are being investigated by Scotland police. What worries me is that many Twits are tweeting in agreement with such investigations and support arresting and jailing the vitriolic offenders. In this case, a British TV personality named Katie Hopkins posted an offensive tweet referring to an Ebola patient in Scotland being transferred to London as an “Ebola bomb” and “sweaty Glaswegian.” Such tweets were labeled as “racist.” So for the “crime” of offending the over-sensitive emotions of the Twits, Hopkins must be seized and thrown into a cage and deprived of her liberty.

So my question is, why are so many more people “offended” by allegedly “racist” or otherwise insensitive tweets than they are offended by politicians and Royalty who molest kids and get away with it?


12:03 pm on January 3, 2015