Child Murder Endorsed by the U.S. Senate

The U.S. senate, which laughingly calls itself “the greatest deliberative body in the world,” voted AGAINST condemning infanticide today.  The vote was on legislation that condemned the act of allowing a newborn baby to die in the delivery room by not caring for it in the minutes after birth.  The “greatest deliberative body” could not muster 60 votes in opposition to infanticide.  Is there any doubt that the opponents of this legislation would also vote in favor of legalizing the murder of a child who develops a serious illness say, six months after birth? Is there a more evil “deliberative body” in the world?

Meanwhile,  Ignorant Commie Comrade Sandy (ICCS) announced yesterday that people need to rethink having children in the first place because we humans contribute too much, in her opinion, to “global warming.”  We should all hope that she takes her own advice.


7:33 pm on February 25, 2019