Block Responds to a Supporter of Donald Trump

Here is a letter very supportive of my championing of Donald Trump, followed by my reply to this writer.

From: VS
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2016 5:13 PM
To: walter block
Subject: Okay, you win… I’ll vote.
Hello again, Dr. Block.

Thank you again for your many contributions to libertarian logic. I have no doubt, and every intention of ensuring, that your work will continue to impact people’s lives for generations to come. In this crazy information age, I believe we need the voice of sound logic more than ever… At first I decided that I wasn’t going to vote, because why bother when there’s gerrymandering? Then I was made aware of the ridiculous Amendment #1 here in Florida, so I decided that I had to vote at least for that reason. I was planning to just write in Cthulhu for president, since voting for the lesser evils hasn’t been working out.

However, then I saw this:

Skeptical as I am as to Mr. Trump’s affiliations and motivations, he does genuinely seem to be opposed to starting/sustaining more of these conflicts. I have very low confidence in his ability to or otherwise intention to deliver on this, but it’s still a substantially higher likelihood than I’ve seen in any other major candidates in recent previous elections. If I vote for him and my skepticism proves true, I’ll feel foolish for getting my hopes up. If I vote for him and my skepticism proves false, we may avoid more war. If I don’t vote and my skepticism proves false and he loses… I have to live with the knowledge that I could have done something to prevent the loss of human life. I don’t want that on my conscience. So know that the only reason I’m doing this is because you’re so strongly putting your weight behind it and I value your judgment. I just hope you’re right about this.

Dear VS: This is just a matter of prudential judgment on my part. I hope and trust I am correct in thinking that World War III is less likely with Donald than with Hillary. I thank you for your support of my judgment. I’d hate it if it were misplaced. All I can do is call ‘em as I see ‘em. Best regards, Walter


6:13 pm on October 18, 2016