Banning Best Friends: Marxist Idea

Barbara Greenberg (who delivers therapy) says the idea has merit.

The idea of banning children from having best friends is wrong in so many basic ways that it staggers my mind. I’m tempted to say that advocates must be insane, but I think that before saying that, we should briefly say what it means to take such a position.

It shows an incredible incapacity to reason. It shows a predilection toward coercion. It shows a complete lack of understanding of human behavior. It shows a lack of understanding of children and the process of growing up into responsible adults. It definitely shows a streak of communism that’s extended into the social sphere of personal relationships. It shows a lack of foresight concerning the consequences.

Sponsors of such an idea ignore obvious matters. People are different. Human beings have to learn how to size up people and discriminate among them. Human beings have different value scales, and they choose their company accordingly. People are individuals. The experience of choosing friends, good, better and best, as well as bad, lousy and rotten, is part of life at any age.

I barely scratch the surface. Greenberg has lost her mind on this matter. Her position mimics mental impairment or serious insanity. It mimics psychosis, in which a person not only builds castles in the air but lives in them. A sane person with sound facilities of the mind would understand intuitively through their understanding of life that banning best friends among children is as wrong an idea as an idea like Karl Marx’s “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. That idea too is insane along the same lines expressed above.


5:14 pm on January 8, 2018