The Attention Deficit President

So, Trump is whining because his approval ratings for the first 100 days are the lowest of any president in 70 years. Oh, boo-hoo-hoo! Suck it up, pal. You ASKED for the job, YOU GOT IT! Now stop whining or resign. See, you don’t have to keep this job. You weren’t drafted. You were elected. And, see, you promised all this great stuff you have not delivered. That’s why people are mad. Don’t blame them. Blame yourself. Cut yourself a thick slice of humble pie and stop acting like everything is a conspiracy to get you. News flash: You’re not that special.

See, Donald, you’re the Attention Deficit President. You get start with one thing, then two days later, you’re bored with it and it’s on to the next thing. Guess what? This is a country, not your resort. Which, by the way, you bill us for every time you run off there to hide, cry, and lick your self-inflicted wounds. You said you had all these great plans. So where are they, Mr. Wonderful? All I see is a bunch of half-baked ideas and half-finished projects like the guy who has a new hobby each month.

People have noticed you start things but never finish them. Two days after you do something, it’s on to some other non-issue that has nothing to do with the American people. The things you were elected to do never get your attention because they actually bore you. Like the economy. Not that I think the government can “fix” the economy, but the people that elected you thought you could. If Donald Trump was a kitchen appliance, the American people would already be over at customer service with the receipt for a refund.

Again, if you’re unhappy with the job, then resign. But don’t sit there like a two-year-old who just lost his stuffed toy Boo Boo Kitty bawling about how unfair it all is. You’re all about firing people at the drop of a hat, but if you had these approval ratings at a job, they’d have fired YOU. It’s a shame the American people haven’t got that power, but it sure is something we ought to start thinking about.

Now, either pipe down and DO YOUR JOB or RESIGN. But quit acting like the American people owe you anything. You have to EARN it. The approval ratings say you’re not earning it.


12:35 pm on April 24, 2017