A Semi-Luddite Speaks

So, the “scientists” were out protesting I see. For Earth Day, I suppose. Excuse me, but you jokers have NOT helped planet Earth, sorry. In fact, everything you guys are whining about came as the result of SCIENCE! Hel-LO! How am I to lend credibility to the cabal of people that brought nuclear weapons to us?

Science…okay, so…where are the solutions that you guys have that do not involve the government forcing it on everyone? You guys spent how many decades and billions of dollars, saying you can now prove the age of the planet. As if the planet cares. What, is it going to collect Social Security or something? Right, but have you solved world hunger? No, if anything, you’ve actually increased world hunger because you made possible the increase in the population and then subsequent pollution resulted. Because you invent the technology which makes it all possible: The increased population, the need to buy more crap no one needs, and the need for energy to run the whole shebang. All from science.

So don’t sit up there and act like you guys are saints. You’re not. What, I’m a Luddite? To a certain extent, yes. I think technology has reached it’s pinnacle and it’s all downhill from here into the world of personal companion robots and everyone trading in their legs for wheels. Once upon a time, science hoped to bring people out of wheelchairs so they could walk again. Now science seeks to put people on wheels so they don’t have to walk. Hence the Segway. Science has the answers. Right. To questions nobody asked.


12:59 pm on April 24, 2017