Another Day, Another Leak. Oh, What Fun!

Just as leaked records from Ashley Madison exposed a great many libidinous secrets, so those from a Panamanian legal firm are revealing the financial ones of many dictators (whether recognized as such or not) worldwide and their corporate cronies. Surprise, surprise: these greed-balls are protecting their wealth from taxation while emptying our pitiful pockets.

Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the fireworks! So far, the “Panamanian Papers” have named no American tyrants, but that will change as journalists digest more of the Papers’ contents.

Of course, a good tax-“cheat” (do we call a guy who prudently avoids an alley with a reputation for sheltering muggers a “robber-cheat”?) is one of our greatest benefactors. Every dollar he keeps out of some government’s hands is one less bullet aimed at us, one less corporatist paid for technology to spy on, arrest, cage or otherwise abuse us. So the only objection we can raise when we learn that politicians, bureaucrats, and their best buds are protecting their own assets while stealing ours is the utter hypocrisy.

Surveying the fall-out from the Panama Papers, Boobus will clamor for “reform” instead of anarcho-capitalism. When will he learn that corruption is government’s nature? And no reform on earth will ever prevent it, any more than we can reform the wetness from water.


12:27 pm on April 4, 2016