An Army of Gang Rapists

As I wrote in my book, The Real Lincoln, Abe Lincoln micromanaged the waging of war on Southern civilians for four years.  (See also Waging War on Southern Civilians by Walter Brian Cisco).  This resulted in the inevitable — the gang rape of southern women — white and black, but especially black — by entire regiments of U.S. Army “soldiers.”  Among other things, Lincoln was the founding father of the U.S. Army’s now common practice of raping, pillaging, and plundering under the guise of “war.”  Even Ivy League professors are catching on to this truth.  In an April 25, 2013 New York Times article, Yale University’s Professor Chrystal Feimster wrote of how:

  • Union Army military courts prosecuted 450 sex crime cases.
  • Black women “were even more in danger” than white women at the hands of U.S. Army gang rapists.
  • The Yankees seemed intending to “rape every Negro woman they can find,” in the words of a Confederate officer from Tennessee quoted by Professor Feimster.
  • “Troops raped black women while forcing white women and their children to watch.”

I guess this was the U.S. government’s version of sexual “liberation.”  (Hat tip to Laurence Vance).



1:42 pm on March 27, 2015