America’s Mayor (I Wish!)

From April comes a link to this thrilling statement from Mayor Bryce Hamblin of Eagar, Arizona. It begins:

Over the past several weeks I have been asked repeatedly what the Town of Eagar plans to do about Covid19, masks, visitors, riots, etc. It is somewhat alarming how many expect and almost invite a more drastic infringement on their freedoms. My response from the onset of the Covid19 pandemic has been that we will err on the side of freedom. When riots began to riddle the country and our governor took the drastic measure of a statewide curfew, again, I maintained that we will err on the side of freedom. 

And it ends:

When did we stop being the land of the free and the home of the brave? Take charge of your own life. Nobody owes you anything. The government has never been more ill equipped to solve your problems nor is it its function to do so. This is America! Stand up and be somebody! Be brave and live free.

Beware: you’ll cheer your throat raw at the intervening paragraphs! 

Anyone wanna move to Eagar?!


7:18 pm on June 27, 2020