Always Assume It’s a Scam

I know a lot of people want to believe in Trump. I get it. But are people being blinded to what’s really going on here? Would people be accepting this if this was Hillary Clinton doing this? I doubt it. Let me just spell it out for everyone. And I’ve said this many times before and it’s in my bio. When it comes to the government, Always Assume It’s A Scam.

I gave Trump the benefit of the doubt and said, okay, let’s see what he will do. But what I’ve seen so far is one endless distraction of the type the Democrats usually engage in. That being, pick some lightning rod topic, create a massive kerfuffle over it, and then cling to it tightly like a toddler with a teddy bear. That way, the distraction keeps everyone focused on it instead of, hey, you’re not doing the big things you said you were going to do. For example, how much time and money has now been wasted over this travel ban? And while that’s going on, Obamacare is not being repealed. Maybe Trump has already forgotten about it and now is obsessed with this travel ban thing. That leads me to believe this has become a war of ego for him.

Look, a person needs to pick and choose their battles. This refugee ban is simply pathetic, okay? It’s time to let go of it. Courts have already been road-blocking it and that can go on for years. And that might just be the whole idea the Trump Administration has in mind. Because while they’re all focused on this straw man argument, the real issues—Obamacare, the economy, jobs—people voted him in for will go unsolved. Why? Because those three issues are very complex and fraught with difficulty. Therefore, they don’t plan to truly address them at all, but keep everyone distracted and mired in silly non-issues that don’t put anyone to work or prevent anyone from having to pay the Obamacare penalty in the coming months.

This is not to say that I believe the government can “fix” the economy or “create” jobs. In fact, I laugh at the notion. But the fact is, and Democrats even admit, these were the biggest reasons people voted for Trump. And, guess what? They’ve been had. Always Assume It’s A Scam. What we are seeing right now is what will go on for the entire term. Endless wrangling, debate, and fuss over issues that don’t really affect a majority of people here. Listen, refugees are not the ones ordering you to participate in Obamacare or pay a penalty. That is the government telling you that. How, then, has the focus of what needs to be done been shifted from the culprit (the government) on to people that had nothing to do with the problem?

We see now people within the Trump cabinet wasting time to respond to being mocked on Saturday Night Live. Really?! Seriously!? This is what you were voted into office for? To engage in childish arguments with a has-been television variety show? Anyone with brains can see SNL is simply desperate to remain on the air and relevant. And Trump’s people fell right into that scam, eyes wide open. Trump’s people probably just made another four seasons of SNL possible. While all that’s going on, the people that voted for Trump are still waiting to see when the issues they want addressed will be handled. Well, don’t hold your breath.

What we are seeing is another manifestation of ego-centered celebrity politics. This is the problem with voting for brand over substance. It’s a common marketing gimmick that states if people recognize the brand, they’ll buy it without reading the ingredients. Americans these days look like walking billboards for shoe companies, clothing outlets, and various other things they believe give them an “identity”. Now they’ve latched on to a man who says he will make them “great” again, yet, we have seen nothing but great ego demonstrated. To wit, where is the emphasis on the REAL issues?

See, I don’t live in fear of other people. I might live in amusement watching them, granted, but I don’t live in fear of them. Therefore, the government selling me ideas based on fear isn’t going to impress me. I want to see what benefits me as far as keeping my own money, less government intrusion into my life, and not killing other people in my name across the planet. Be that as it may, I know the government is incapable of doing this because they’ve grown far too powerful politically, militarily, and economically. Thus, whatever the government says, I can always know that at some point, the real scam will be revealed given time.

The scam is this: Whatever people think they’re going to get out of Trump, they won’t. This travel ban will occupy them for quite some time to come with back-and-forth executive orders and federal court restraining orders. After the travel ban will come something else to entertain and distract the masses from realizing they’ve been had. While all that’s going on, the real scam is underway which is probably no-bid contracts to build the border wall, appointing Wall Street fatcats to government offices, and military spending for more deeply-flawed but expensive weapons we really don’t need. Maybe another war, probably with Iran. It’s always about money. Just like Obamacare was never about health care, but a way the biggest health insurance corporations could be enriched and the smaller competition gotten rid of. But look how Obama kicked that can down the road for years after promising universal health care to get elected.

Asking the government to fix the government is like asking a serial arsonist to come to your house and fight a small grease fire on the stove. And if people aren’t seeing what’s going on here, I really don’t know what to tell them. It’s all bait-and-switch and That’s Hollywood White House entertainment and distractions. This is a celebrity politician in populist clothing. He has no intention of delivering on anything that isn’t going to benefit his friends or his ego. The best way to avoid delivering what was promised is to sidetrack everyone on issues that are put forth as important. However, in the world of scams, it’s the old shell game. Distract the mark while the pea is palmed. Thus, no one wins but the house.

Again, the refugees are not the people who were forcing everyone to enroll in Obamacare. But look how quickly this non-issue has eclipsed the important issue that needs immediate attention. That’s the sign of what is to come for the next four years. If Trump wanted to write an executive order that was good, he’d have written one saying the Obamacare penalty was waived for this tax season and the must-buy mandate is absolutely null and void. But guess what? Everyone without Obamacare is going to have to pay it this year. The executive order he passed down about Obamacare does not cancel the penalty. Call up the tax preparers and find out. That’s what I did. That’s why I’m telling you now, guess what? The penalty is still there and will remain there until someone truly repeals Obamacare.

I also wouldn’t put it past the Republicans to create a Trumpcare health insurance plan and keep the tax penalty for refusing to enroll. They’re saying, “Well, we need to present an alternative plan because we can’t just scrap Obamacare  without creating our own plan…” Really? Why? Oh, yeah, it’s the government! Always Assume It’s A Scam. And America has been snookered once again.


11:16 am on February 7, 2017