Alternate Title: “The Journey Through Marxism”

Our brothers in Christ at “Orthodox Reflections (Looking at Life in the Orthodox Christian Faith)” will host a webinar on Sunday, January 9, from 7-8:30 PM (EST), entitled “The Journey Through Pandemia: Where are we now? How close are we to getting out?” The symposium will address such topics as

  • Are the COVID vaccines necessary, safe, and effective?
  • All the COVID vaccines in the US have links to aborted fetal cells, are they moral for Orthodox Christians to take?
  • What is the current legal status of mandates, and how can we navigate them going forward?
  • Will boosters work, and does repeated injection raise the chances of side effects?
  • If you have taken a vaccine, can you get a religious exemption for the upcoming boosters?
  • What are ethical, effective treatments for COVID-19?
  • Can you detoxify your body if you have taken a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Do Christians have a moral obligation to take the vaccines, wear masks, and take other steps to protect others?
  • Pastorally, how can Orthodox Christians confront the fear of death, hysteria, depression, anxiety, drug addiction, and other surging social problems?
  • Are the vaccines and vaccine passports mentioned in prophecy? If so, how can we make sense of it all?
  • Have mitigations such as lockdowns, masking, social distancing been effective at “stopping the spread” and/or reducing deaths? What have been the impacts of these attempts to battle a virus?
  • How should the Orthodox Church respond to demands from civil authority such as checking vaccine status, mask mandates, and attendance limits?
  • How are limits on the free exercise of religion legal, and what can we do about them in court?
  • Are we seeing a shift back towards sanity among medical professionals, among the clergy, and in the legal / political arena?

“Attendance is limited,” they advise, “so register today!”


8:14 am on December 27, 2021