CRITICIZING a Theory that All White People are Inherent Racists, White Supremacists, and KKK Wannabes . . .

. . . is racially “divisive,” say “education” professors at Loyola University Maryland.  Teaching children that all white people are evil racists is not “divisive,” they say; criticizing them and their racist ideology is.   People who make such criticisms are, of course, racists and white supremacists, say these “scholars” who insist that this “critical race theory” should be taught beginning with kindergarten.

One thing I learned from teaching university economics at six different universities over 41 years is that “education” students and faculty are uniformly the dumbest and most uneducated people on any campus.  The nation would be better off if Thomas Sowell’s advice were taken and every single “school of education” was abolished.  (See the book Ed School Follies by Rita Kramer).

During my first semester in graduate school the economics professor I worked for as a teaching assistant taught a large principles of economics class with several hundred students.  The class roster listed the major of every student.  Before the first exam he said it was a good bet that every single “education” major would get an F on the objective, machine-graded, multiple-choice exam.  He was right.  Schools of education are so bogus that even Jill Biden has a “doctor of philosophy” (Ph.D.) degree in “education.”  As Tucker Carlson once said, “Jill Biden is a doctor in the same sense that Dr. Pepper is a doctor”).  Education professors are the clowns of academe.

There are many public school teachers who have escaped the indoctrination of the teachers’ union propaganda mills known as schools of education, learned things of substance, and have become excellent or even heroic teachers.  But let’s not forget that it is schools of education that have created and staffed the horrendous, failing, worse-than-useless public school systems in cities like Baltimore, where Loyola University Maryland is located.  I recall a Baltimore Sun headline some years ago celebrating the fact that 4% of Baltimore city school students were reading at grade level compared to 2% the previous year.  They were celebrating this instead of calling for the firing of every single school-of-education graduate who was one of hundreds of school “administrators” along with at least half of all the “teachers.”

White people have had nothing whatsoever to do with running the Baltimore city schools over the past half century apart from paying extortionate taxes to pay for them.  To cover up their grotesque failures these “education scholars” are now blaming all the problems of the Baltimore city schools — and indeed, of all of society — on what they claim to be the inherent evil of white people, aka, “critical race theory.”  These are the kind of people who would call in the police to beat up and handcuff parents who show up to school board meetings to question or criticize their poisonous, racist, theories.  Why am I not surprised that is the Bergoglian totalitarians (aka, Jesuits) who are promoting this garbage?


12:30 pm on December 25, 2021