Abbott’s Lies Are As Big As Texas

Ms. Anonymous in Texas furnishes an explanation for Greg “Stalin” Abbott’s about-face on COVIDCon:

I spent entirely too many hours responding to comments about how great Abbott’s dropping his [mandates] was. A total photo-op moment after he came in last place in a poll for potential president nominees at the recent conference (CPAC).

I said, yes, he rescinded his illegal mandates months after many have lost their business. Plus, he said all businesses,schools and hospitals can keep up the requirements (!). A poor guy from Oregon said he’d vote for Abbott in a heartbeat and I was looking for perfection. I kindly replied, no, not perfection, but integrity—he ran on a platform to protect the citizens of Texas, to stand on our priorities. He’s caved a bit too much for my liking.

Stalin’s just another politician doing what that species does best: lie through his teeth to convince the gullible that he’s their savior while he destroys liberty every which-way to increase his power over us.

Wouldn’t you think the serfs would learn?


6:58 am on March 8, 2021