A “Trifecta of Super-Spreader Celebrations”

Lawrence Ludlow enjoyed reading about “the Thanksgiving celebrations of LewRockwell readers!” Ergo, he’s contributed an account of his “Thanksgiving week” and its “trifecta of super-spreader celebrations” despite his subsistence in Gretchen Witless’ fiefdom:

First on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, my bicycle group in Grosse Pointe, Michigan … One of our members rents the third floor of a nearby mansion, and about 20 of us filed in and out over the evening. Each of us brought a dish for this FriendsGiving. We even got a tour of the home by the senior-citizen owner (I’m one of those, too!).

Then on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I usually host a giant dinner for all of my friends that are divorced, with no family, or are alone for some other reason. This year, I roasted a 24.6-pound bird stuffed with my godmother’s dressing recipe. I also cooked cranberry sauce and made my home-made secret salad dressing and served it up along with baked yams seasoned with pepper and salt. Two of my five guests stayed overnight since they drove in from upstate Michigan. Of course we had pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert in addition to lots of wine, beer, single-malt Scotch, and other goodies.

Then on Wednesday, I was invited to another super-spreader eat-and-drink-along — again with one of the bicycle group members hosting. This time I stuck with the Scotch and never got around to having any of the BBQ beef dishes.

Well, hey, whaddaya need beef for when there’s Scotch?!

Whatever! There were about fifteen or twenty of us filing in and out.

Tonight I’m having my monthly reading group over to discuss another chapter in Michael Malice’s book, The New Right. I may live in the witch-infested hairball-state of Michigan,

Love it!

but I’ve been ignoring this BS lock-down since Day One. I’m too old to stop living just to be alive.

Someone should put that slogan on a T-shirt.

And I try to keep my immune system functioning so I don’t have to be a mask-wearing cretin.

I had a blast. What bothers me a lot is that young people are walking around like zombie fearful Critters. I simply cannot believe what I see. 

Nor can I, Larry.

Meanwhile, let’s aspire to imitate Larry’s “trifecta of super-spreader celebrations” at Christmas and drive the totalitarians even crazier than they are!


10:07 am on December 2, 2020