A Super Celebration of Feminism?

The television producers of the Super Bowl tried their hardest to pound feminist themes into the heads of the millions of football fans tuning in.  There was the never-ending mention of Katie Sowers, the first lesbian assistant coach in the NFL (with the Forty-Niners).  Why they had to mention over and over that she is gay is was not explained.  Then there was the repeated mention that the ownership team of both teams included women.  One of the first commercials featured an all-girls football team being cheered in a last-second victory. The redneckish crowd was portrayed as being shocked when the players removed their helmets after the game-winning field goal.  This was a commercial for “Secret” deodorant.  Before the game the Forty-Niners quarterback was interviewed by fooball legend Terry Bradshaw.  The Chiefs quarterback was interviewed by hotel spy camera legend Erin Andrews.

Then there was the halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and “Shakira” competing to see who could do the best job of shaking her almost-naked ass in the television camera the longest.  (A DrudgeReport headline called it the Super Bowl “ass-time show”).  Lopez, who had made a movie about a stripper, entered the stage sliding down a stripper pole.  Shakira mostly wiggled her butt, did pelvic thrusts into the cameras, and stuck her tongue out and wiggled it around before a cheering audience of dunderheads and perverts.  The family at the table next to me at the sports bar left with their two juvenile children just before the halftime show.  They must have heard of Lopez’s stripper movie.  Nevertheless, Lopez brought her little daughter onto the x-rated stage with her for a duet.  At that point I began think that it was more a celebration of cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School ideology than of feminism.

I didn’t detect any English language in their “singing,” but I’m told there were in fact a few words spoken that were not in Spanish.  A giant flag of Puerto Rico, that bastion of American football excellence, was proudly displayed by Lopez.  Gender Equality at last!


8:23 am on February 3, 2020