A Snapshot of Police State Amerika: Wishing Death on the Child of an Uppity Mundane?


A Chicago resident and member of the productive sector was detained without cause or explanation for interrogation by two armed emissaries of the parasite class. The transparent purpose of this stop was to create a pretext for a search of the vehicle, most likely in the hope of finding something that would justify an arrest or confiscation of money or other valuables.

The driver, who was in the company of his nine-year-old child, was polite, providing his license and associated information, but refused to answer questions or roll down his window far enough to allow a search of the vehicle. Exercising commendable self-restraint, he refused to be baited by an obviously antagonistic police officer who was uncooperative when the citizen requested his name and badge number. The officer briefly tried to pretend that the driver’s child wasn’t legally allowed to sit in the front seat, but that pretense withered immediately when the driver pointed out that his daughter is nine years old.

Eventually the driver was told that he was stopped because of a “shots fired” call.

“And I fit the description, right?” the exasperated driver sarcastically replied.

“You’re unreal,” sneered the cop.

“Yeah, I know,” the frustrated citizen rejoined. “Gotta show my papers and all that other stuff, yeah…. I’m a law-abiding citizen.”

“Proud of you,” mocked one of the costumed functionaries. “Thanks for coming out tonight.” The conversation continues for about another minute, with the cop trying to justify the stop as an effort to deal with gun violence.

“I don’t care about those things,” the driver states.

“You have a child in the car, and you don’t care about those things?” the officer persists.

“That’s why I conceal-carry,” the driver concludes. “I don’t care about those things.”

“Hopefully your child –” at that point, the officer either says “does” — meaning that she cares about gun violence — or “dies” — meaning that the uppity Mundane would be punished for his defiant attitude.


11:57 am on June 26, 2014