9 Most Dangerous Cities in the US

The Consequences Of Being In These Places Can be Devastating, If You Don’t Know What to Expect!

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It’s difficult to believe that a little over 100 years ago not only did people rarely if ever lock their doors in the United States many houses didn’t even have locks on the doors. In today’s world, filled with atrocious headlines and daily murders, that thought is as strange a concept as not having to pay federal taxes. Especially with regard to the large cities that dot the country side of America. The brutal crime rate and their remarkable progress in the 20th century are unparalleled around the world. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has also given liberty to many destructive activities. These atrocities encompass every severe offense you can think of, from murder and attempted murder to reckless property crimes such as breaking and entering.

Are there neighborhoods in the U.S. that are too dangerous to visit?

I’ve driven through all of the 50 most dangerous neighborhoods in America, one of my many unusual travel goals, and very few were uncomfortably unsafe just driving through. I wouldn’t get out of the car and walk around though.

To answer the question, there are probably nine neighborhoods of the 70,000 across America that I personally wouldn’t recommend anyone visiting, even merely driving through, unless you’re a local or have family there.

The data from the last few years suggests that, on average, violent crime in the USA is falling. New technologies are being used to help make urban areas safer, with real-time crime maps and gun detection software. But for now, here are the most dangerous cities in the USA.

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1- Midtown-Edmonson, Baltimore, Maryland (7.7% chance of a local being a victim)

2- Devington, Indianapolis, Indiana (7.6% chance of a local being a victim)

3- Broadway East, Baltimore, Maryland (7.4% chance of a local being a victim)

4- Lakeview Heights, Tulsa, Oklahoma (7.2% chance of a local being a victim)

5- Oak Park Northwest, Kansas City, Missouri (7.1% chance of a local being a victim)

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