The Dictatorship of the Minority

“She” strangles a cat, then dissects it and shreds what is left. “She” then hits a man with a bottle, strangles him, and finally drowns him. “She” calls herself Scarlet Blake, and the British papers and media feel obliged to refer to this muscular and terrifying individual as a woman. But this monster of a human is as male as there is, and only the female writer J.K. Rowling has the guts to point this out. J.K. has been the target of the woke mob for years, and only because she calls a spade a spade. Cowardly actors (Redmayne and Watson) have denounced her for pointing out that biological sex counts more than declared sex, as in the recent case of “Scarlet” declaring himself a woman and obviously hoping for a soft ride in a women’s prison. Confederate Wizards of... Young, Bennett Henderson Buy New $24.99 (as of 10:13 UTC - Details)

The dictatorship of the minority rules supreme in the West, with our children being coerced into therapy by gender activists. When Nazi Germany brainwashed children, we called it an earth-shattering crime; now a far worse brainwashing is taking place with our approval. What has happened to us, and why are we allowing these freaks to brainwash and damage our children? And why is the left-wing main American and European media playing along?

If I knew the answer I’d yell it from the rooftops, but I don’t. It is partly cowardice on our (normal people’s) part, partly the concentration of left-wingers in the media that spreads lies and propaganda against normal folk. Most of the people who control the news and cultural output, along with the corporate elite and Silicon Valley freaks, have painted the U.S. and the U.K. as malignant forces for the enslavement and oppression of black and brown people. As I write, there are commissions drawn up all over American states to study reparations for slavery, as ironic as this may sound if one takes into consideration the trillions already spent propping up our African-American cousins. But when cultural Marxists occupy the heights of education, entertainment, mainstream media, and technology, what can the voices of average Joes actually accomplish? To Move the World: JFK... Sachs, Jeffrey D. Best Price: $12.95 Buy New $44.79 (as of 10:13 UTC - Details)

In the case of African Americans, how many times have we read or heard in the news that blacks in America die of homicide at eight times the rate of non-Hispanic whites, and are overwhelmingly killed not by cops, nor by whites, but by other blacks? The answer is probably never, certainly not in The New York Times or on mainstream television.

Which leads me to the conclusion that ordinary Americans have become unreachable by the truth, and an alienating high-mindedness by conservative organs such as this one will not do the trick. It’s time to get down and dirty, for lack of a better metaphor. Just envision how the Muslims treat their problem living in European, Christian countries: If I were to write a denunciation of our Lord Jesus, there would be a few angry letters following, but were I to denounce Muhammad, death threats and much worse would follow. Parisian journalists paid with their lives for a few cartoons of the prophet, and hundreds continue to die each and every time a joke appears against him, yet in the case of our Lord it is always open season.

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