Ukraine & the Pentagon: Follow the Number

In 2021, before the Pandemic, Ukraine exports suddenly rose by more than 30% after nominal increases in the two previous years;  4.7% and 7.3%.  And then in 2022 exports tanked.  But it wasn’t the first time exports tanked.  Between 2012 and 2015 Ukraine exports fell by nearly 50% to roughly $46 billion, falling again in 2023 to $36 billion.  By 2022 exports were claimed to be $56 billion and about 40% of GDP.   Ukraines largest exports have been;  corn, sunflower seed, wheat and iron ore.  Largest trade partners include China, Russia, Turkey, Poland and Italy.   Nothing terribly unusual.   Except…

Ukraine has very minimal trade with six African countries which each represent ½ of 1% of total trade.   Insignificant.  The combined value of its wheat, corn and sunflower oils in 2021 was roughly $17.7 billion.   During the same time, Russian grain and wheat production hit all time highs allowing Russia to fill Ukraine’s void with exports to African countries – FOR FREE.   India represented the largest trade increase at 250%, followed by Turkey.   Poland has rejected ALL trade and built a wall on their border with Ukraine. The Fourth Quarter of ... Allen R. Hunt Best Price: $13.00 Buy New $15.47 (as of 05:32 UTC - Details)

The Center For Strategic and International Studies is still blaming Russia’s aggression on Ukraine for the spikes in food prices.   The claim is that Ukraine was a major player in the global food supply given their export value of $17.7 billion.   2023 wheat exports for Ukraine were considered relatively good and represented about 5% of the total wheat with China, India and Russia leading the pack and ranking in the 15th or less global percentile.

Obviously, the war has NOT been the cause of food insecurity.   So why is CSIS claiming that globally acute food insecurity has peaked at 258 million people as a direct result of – Russia?

Global Food insecurity is level at around 760 million since the Pandemic.   Each and every year, the number rises as every Western country declares they are ‘fighting this disease’…   The EU claims it commits $350 million per year to quash this disease – starvation.   That would equate to less than $.5 per year per person.   Yet Ukraine has taken in nearly $300 Billion in war aide.  And the US just airlifted 40,000 meals for “Gaza residents” who have been forced out of Gaza to Rafah – supporting 2 million Refugees as a direct result of Israel – 2% get one meal.


The true bull in the china shop is transportation, ie price of fuel.   From filling up your 20 gallon tank to filling up a container ship that uses up 63,000 gallons of ‘marine fuel’ per day – 90 octane, ethanol free.   Everything you import and export – now costs MORE – including your child, slave, drug, and organ trafficking…   Making border crossing much more cost effective and  profitable than shipping.

Ukraine claims its GDP in 2021 was $200 billion – a 100% increase over 2020 – despite most other sources claiming the number was more like $100 to $156 billion…  The reason for the vast cavern is based on how much money Ukraine declares it needs to survive.   Which is now supporting luxury vehicles and antique vehicles, some of which are valued in the $5million range.

IF the world at large really cared about starvation in Africa – then why doesn’t the EU give Africa $200 billion and Ukraine $350 million?

Because the Club of Idiots doesn’t think anyone outside of Zion is capable of comparing these sort of numbers.   Bankers – with no knowledge of numbers….   Odd?

Another funny number is Ukraine GDP per capita which has risen by 70% since 2022 and is hailed as a GREAYT SUCCESS.   WHY?   Is the country producing more?   No.   It has fewer citizens – millions fewer with which to distribute the GDP given refugees and deaths.

According to Statista, Ukraine’s 3 main components of GDP are from;   retail, incl – motorcycles, agriculture and manufacturing.   Manufacturing?   Odd.   Agriculture in total accounts for just 10%-11%.   What do they manufacture?  Apparently, as of March 3, 2024 – Ukraine declares itself to be a major global weapons manufacturer – having made nothing.   Ever.   The purpose?   To revert Pentagon money that is supposed to replenish depleted US Inventories to Ukraine.   Cute.  No cigar. The U.S. Proxy War in ... Laurence M. Vance Buy New $5.95 (as of 02:22 UTC - Details)

But that is the serious objective as approved and initiated by our esteemed CIA.   Because we all know Ukraine hasn’t a military stratagem or intelligence acumen beyond a caveman and the CIA, MI6  and Mossad are running the show.   Albeit quite poorly!

Of course, the CSIS analysis of global starvation trends – is proof positive of the IQ acumen.

The easy cure to Africa’s ails is to allow them sovereignty over their own resources.   The easy cure for Ukraine is a peace negotiation that recognizes Ukraine Lost and the spoils can be divvied as per every other war in history.   The easy cure for Palestine is for Israel to relocate their secular settlements to Greenland – lots of available land…   A bit chilly – but the upside is an open book… for colonization.  It is owned by Israel’s good buddies the Danes.  And as a chilly island – it has persevered through every war…

The idea that secular, nonreligious, Khazars should have ANY authority over Biblical Holy Sites in Palestine is borderline insanity.  The fact that these same Khazars destroyed Syria’s Holy Sites is duly noted – given western Syria was a part of Palestine in Biblical determinations.   History has a way of providing perspective that cannot be understood otherwise.   Rewritten history has been the principal agenda for 2000 years.   IMAGINE – what reality could reveal?    

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.