America the Snackable

There is only one pathway to health and sanity: stop consuming snackables of any kind.

Everything in America has become snackable: devoid of value, easily consumed, intentionally addictive, and ultimately destructive to all that is healthy for individuals, communities and society at large. Ludwig the Builder Newman, Jonathan R Buy New $12.99 (as of 12:43 UTC - Details)

The core features of edible snackables are self-evident yet worthy of a closer look due to the severity of the consequences:

1. The snack is made of highly processed ingredients.

2. The snack has high concentrations of sugar, salt and unhealthy oils/fats.

3. The snack has low nutritional value (empty calories) and is not beneficial to health.

4. The snack is packaged in small quantities so the price appears cheap but is revealed as expensive when converted to price per pound.

5. The snack’s “serving size” may be deceptively presented: a 4-ounce package may have a calorie count based on a “serving size” of 2 ounces, as if the package contains two servings when everyone knows a single individual will consume the entire snack. How Alexander Hamilton... Brion McClanahan Best Price: $4.09 Buy New $5.99 (as of 06:55 UTC - Details)

6. The snack is a legal addictive product as the snack has been designed to hijack humans’ innate receptors for sugar, salt and fat and satisfying mouthfeel. (Bet ya can’t have just one.)

Highly processed, highly addictive, low nutritional value foods are a key driver of America’s declining health. All these foods share the same characteristics of the manufactured snackables: they are heavily marketed, highly profitable and contribute to obesity and metabolic disorders.

When only one-quarter of the adult populace is normal weight, this leads to a host of chronic health disorders including higher risks of heart disease and many cancers, as well as the spectrum of metabolic disorders such as diabetes and prediabetes. Here are the facts: over 73% of adult Americans are overweight or obese.

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