Is Florida Under Chemtrail Attack?

Across Florida this winter people are noticing an unnatural weather phenomenon. Florida skies have been cloudy and overcast, essentially reversing centuries of weather patterns. There are regular overcast days, something not akin to Florida. Florida is not like the northeastern U.S., the skies are either blue, or there is stormy weather. Florida is supposedly experiencing it cloudiest winter in 84 years. The dimming is very noticeable in Florida. This weather phenomenon is being attributed to El Nino. It is plausible that the unusual overcast skies in Florida observed recently are due to El Nino. Yet, El Nino is not a suitable explanation for the crisscross line formations in the sky, which appears more apt to fit the chemtrail explanation. If this happens to be a natural dimming it still has people looking at the crisscross patterns in the sky.

Typically called Chemtrails, these are unnatural cloud like lines are often seen in the sky. Once a topic only discussed on the popular overnight radio program in the 1990s hosted by Art Bell, the issue is now being openly spoken about, especially in the Sunshine state. Public groups on social media are popping up discussing the once taboo topic. Dark Future: Uncoverin... Beck, Glenn Best Price: $4.54 Buy New $13.56 (as of 12:07 UTC - Details)

The truth is the whole world appears the target for this chemtrail attack. In Florida, it is just more noticeable as Floridians are used to clear blue skies on a daily basis. In 2020, the Spanish government admitted to spraying chemtrails on its citizens at the behest of the U.N.:

During the strategically-planned covid-19 “state of emergency,” the United Nations (UN) authorized the Spanish government to spray lethal chemtrails from the skies. On April 16, 2020, the Spanish government quietly admitted that they authorized the military to spray biocides on the entire population. This population-wide medical experiment was carried out under the cover of a “state of emergency for the management of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19.” This desperate, yet well-devised plan violates multiple counts of the Nuremberg Code — a human rights and medical ethics treaty that is not being enforced in any capacity.

This is what is called prima facie evidence, meaning it is self evident until proven otherwise. This means that chemtrails are not a ‘conspiracy theory’. A loaded term if there ever was one. It means that chemtrails are real. has documented and established that geoengineering is occurring and details this issue in a documentary called The Dimming, focusing heavily on Solar Radiation Management (SRM). Spraying in the air to reduce or reflect sunlight is called solar radiation management (SRM). NIH Scientific Research Paper from 2016 states that, proposed SRM techniques include stratospheric aerosols, reflective satellites, whitening of the clouds, whitening of built structures and increasing plant reflectivity. This paper discusses the need to assess negative health effects and distribute them equally across the planet.

What could go wrong here?

Bill Gates has been spending tremendous amounts of money to implement sun dimming projects around the world. Mike Adams at has been reporting for some time about this so called, “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment”, acronym, SCoPEx. Adams also reports that this is an apparent depopulation global genocide scheme.

On a side note, recently, a bill has been introduced in the New Hampshire legislature to prohibit weather modification, stratospheric aerosol injection, solar radiation modification, and geoengineering. Simplify: How the Best... Greg Lockwood Best Price: $3.66 Buy New $14.70 (as of 01:14 UTC - Details)

Back to SCoPEx…It appears the intention, as Mike Adams points out, is to create a global food crises by replicating the effects of a massive volcanic eruption as was experienced in 1815, often called the year without a summer. Massive crop failure on a global scale would certainly allow our globalist captors to con people into believing that we are experience an effect of global warming, justify rationing food supplies, introducing insects as a staple of the diet, herding people into 15 minute cites, and forcing the global totalitarian society on the population.

According to a pilot whistle blower in the UK, as reported in the Expose News:

“The two purposes for chemtrailing are very, very clear,” he told Critchley.  It’s to poison us and block out the sun.  Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis and our bodies, for example, need sunlight to produce vitamin D. So, blocking out the sun will have a detrimental impact on and threaten the survival of all life on Earth.”  

The aircraft involved in spraying chemtrails in the UK are not showing up on radar. This pilot whistle blower explains that the software in the transponders have been fixed in these aircraft so that they do not show up on radar. The whistle blower also states that the pilots are all ex-RAF who are used to doing clandestine operations and they also signed an NDA called the Official Secrets Act, which means they will not talk about what they are doing.

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