Setting Up White Gentiles for Genocide

Taki Points Out that the Jews in Hollywood Are Doing the Same Work on White People that the Nazi Filmmakers Did on Jews

“Hollywood is hard at work in maintaining the myth that everything that the West has achieved since the Greeks was due to the white man’s cruelty and ability to steal from the Dark Continent.”

Taki was ill in bed with nothing to do but to watch TV.  The program he watched “takes place out west and the cowboys are all bad, bullies, criminals, sadists, and worst of all, white. The few black cowhands are wise, introspective, and very perceptive with their advice. The victims are the red Indians, sorry, Native tribesmen. One pretty Indian girl teaches history class, and her opening remarks to a new class are what a major criminal Christopher Columbus was. But the best part is the utter awfulness of the whites. They’re greedy, cowardly, murderous, bullying, dishonest, and I’m talking only of the men. The white women are drunks, sleep with everything that walks but the horses, and are very greedy and vengeful. My only thought was thank God I’m watching this in my own bed. In a movie house I’d probably be lynched once the lights went on.”

9 Presidents Who Screw... Brion McClanahan Best Price: $3.84 Buy New $8.21 (as of 06:45 UTC - Details) White Americans have been under full scale assault ever since the Jew running the EEOC ignored the statutory language of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and imposed racial quotas that made white people, especially gentile males, second class citizens compared to blacks who are designated “preferred minorities” in university admissions, hiring, and promotion. 

In the decades that have passed, blacks have learned that their preferred stratus gives them superiority to whites.  They have benefitted, as Jews have, from victim status, which protects them from criticism and from being held accountable . Just has it been established that it is not permitted to criticize Israel or Jews (anti-semitism) or question their narratives (holocaust denier), holding blacks accountable is considered proof of white supremacy. Media will not report the race of blacks arrested for crimes.

This leaves white gentiles in a vulnerable position in which white gentiles, like the French people in The Camp of the Saints, have been deracinated and made incapable of justifying their ethnicity and their existence. 

Just as Nazi film makers set up the Jews, Hollywood’s Jews have set up white American gentiles.  

As Jews have, American blacks now have racial awareness, but white gentiles are not permitted racial awareness.  

The insouciant white race faces genocide.  Feminists have taken the male role and left the home.  Jobs for white males are disappearing, even in the military. As the middle class shrinks in size from jobs offshoring, hiring and promotion freezes on white males, as announced by a long list of US corporations and the Pentagon, have decreased the value of a white male husband. As all corporate advertisements show, the push is toward mixed race marriages in order to eliminate white people.

As long as our leaders can get rid of us in this way, they won’t need death camps.

Augason Farms Peanut B... Buy New $10.42 ($0.03 / Ounce) (as of 11:22 UTC - Details) To understand how disadvantaged and handicapped white gentiles are, I will be called every name in the book for mentioning that the EEOC official who imposed racial quotas that violated the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause and initiated the erosion of a merit-based system was Jewish.  If I had an employer, I would likely be fired.  In contrast, the government of South Africa, a black country, is accused of “blood libel” for referring Israel’s ongoing genocide of the Palestinians to the International Court of Justice.

Consider also that it is white gentile children, who are taught by indoctrinated white gentile school teachers in public schools paid for by white gentile taxpayers, who are indoctrinated with the belief that they and their parents are racists responsible for enslaving and holding down black people.  The FBI reportedly formed an investigatory unit to monitor white gentile parents who protested at school board meetings the brainwashing of their kids.  This is the America that white gentiles live in.

The last two elections,  the Democrats’ absurd indictments of President Trump, and open borders can be understood as an organized effort to disenfranchise white Americans. As we enter 2024, it will be interesting to see if white people, still the majority in an alleged democracy, can regain equal treatment under the law.

The prospect is not good.  America has become a country whose leadership class refuses to defend its borders on the grounds that border defense is racist, evil, and a violation of human rights.  In other words, our leaders believe that we have no right to our own country.  It is not violators of our borders who are under attack. It is the anti-open borders website,, that is under illegitimate attack from the New York attorney general and by organized bot attacks on its ability to receive donations and make payments.

A country in which patriots are demonized for wanting the country’s borders defended has no prospects.  The United States is being overrun at the likely under-reported rate of a quarter of a million immigrant-invaders per month.  Instead of defending against the real threat, American taxpayers are forced to give a trillion dollars or more annually to the Pentagon to protect us against being overrun by Russians, Chinese, and Iranians, countries that have no such intention.  Russia, China, and Iran have sufficient problems of their own.  Why would they want to take on occupation of a tower of babel with decrepit infrastructure and ruined environment?  Why is America’s defense focused on false threats instead of the real one we are experiencing?