Stupid Kill Money

So, as of Sept. 18, with the so-called National Debt at an already unsustainable $33 trillion — and slated to jump another $1 trillion by Dec. 28 of THIS year — Biden and his spendthrift Congressional warmongers, shepherded by “Slippery” Chuck Schumer, are busting a gut to send another borrowed $6 billion in stupid kill money to former comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his seriously corrupt Ukraine government.

The MilitaryIndustrialCongressional war Complex (MIC) had it’s bevy of elected liars judiciously distributed throughout the Sunday MSM used-to-be opinion maker shows, still pimping that war as if Ukraine actually had a snowball’s chance.

Vasko Kohlmayer thoroughly vaporizes that silly notion here – – –

Lies and Propaganda in Reporting on Russia

But that’s just the ground truth of the situation, which also reveals that Putin and the Russians aren’t nearly delusional enough to think they can take over Ukraine let alone reconstitute the defunct Soviet Union.

So, what are the Russians thinking? The Case for Gold Lehrman, Lewis Best Price: $2.72 Buy New $9.95 (as of 10:31 UTC - Details)

Two main things.

The least important is, as per the Minsk Agreements — promulgated by Ukraine, Russia, the OSCE, France and Germany — the Kiev Government must stop harassing the Russian speakers in the two Donbas provinces, especially with bombs, artillery rounds, automatic weapons fire, etc. And vice-versa.

The most important to the Russians, however — and the rest of the world as well — is to keep Ukraine out of NATO. Skipping over the back story, the bottom line is Ukraine in NATO puts nuclear missiles on Russia’s border, five minutes flight time from Moscow.

That puts Russia’s retaliatory nukes in launch on warn mode which means no time to straighten out any mistakes, glitches, or misunderstandings. No time for Biden to answer a legendary Red Phone call from Putin, and so pretty much the end of the world.

That’s on a par with U.S. President John F. Kennedy demanding the Soviets refrain from putting their nuclear missiles on sovereign Cuba — or else, causing the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Both probably saved the world. So far.

For obvious reasons, the Russians regard NATO and its missiles in Ukraine as an “existential threat,” and so there’s way less than a snowball’s chance that the Russians will let Ukraine win. Except by negotiating “No NATO!” Even Gen. Mille knows.

Mr. Zelenskyy isn’t really that stupid either. He and Mr. Putin actually met to negotiate early-on but Uncle Monger, likely on behalf of his MIC, intervened. There are no MIC profits in peace.

And that $6 billion “Care Package” Biden, Slippery Chuck, and the Congressional warmongers want to send to Zelenskyy and his seriously corrupt organization is military aid. That’s what makes it “kill money.”

The first reason it’s stupid kill money is that in place of negotiation and with no chance to win, it will get a lot more Ukrainians killed for nothing. Economics in One Lesson Henry Hazlitt Check Amazon for Pricing.

The second reason it’s stupid is that it indebts our U.S. kids, grand kids, and the yet unborn to pay for that stupid killing. With interest.

The third reason it’s stupid is it aims more of Russia’s retalitory nukes at the U.S.

And so the traditional question – – –

What are you going to do about it?

This time I have a suggestion: For starters, call your Congress Critter and give it a piece of your mind. 202 224-3121 (the Congressional Switchboard)

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