Those Who Fall for the 'Right Wing/Libertarian-Leaning' Election Madness Are Acting as Absolute Fools!

“I have never voted in my life… I have always known and understood that the idiots are in a majority so it’s certain they will win.”

Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Here we go again. Each side of the coin being flipped is the same; both sides indicating parties of evil. It is the same game as always, and the same stupid people jump on board because this time, things will be different, and your guy will fix everything. This story is as old as time, but gets even more idiotic each and every election, as even more historical evidence and fact exposing the voting scam are easily obvious, showing the pure idiocy of voting for a master. For the thousandth time, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome, but finally, the good guy is here to save you. What a crock of crap is this, and how can any sane, thinking individual, fall into that same trap every election, without once understanding that he is in a circular game of hysterical lunacy?

There are several labeled ‘right-wing’ candidates being touted as saviors by the maniacal herd, especially those blind ‘pro-freedom’ pretenders, who continue to trust the State and the heinous and fraudulent political process, while leaping on the band wagon with both feet of every single candidate promising them to do it right this time. It would be difficult to find a more pathetic exercise than this, but at least it is eternally predictable. If human nature is nothing else, it is a showcase for hypocrisy and gullibility, and in light of this current trend, those falsely calling themselves ‘libertarians,’ anarcho-capitalists,’ staunch ‘conservatives,’ and fighters for freedom, are all showing their bare asses in broad daylight. It is a sad sight to be sure. Liberalism Mises, Ludwig von Best Price: $11.95 Buy New $11.95 (as of 04:02 UTC - Details)

There have been several of these claimed freedom ‘pretenders,’ immigration ‘warriors,’ monetary fixers, and free-trade imposters, who have been recently elected around the world, and the faux alternative media sites have bought the hype hook, line, and sinker, without once standing in any light of reality. For purposes here, let us concentrate on just one of these trimmers; the most flamboyant in fact, although they all can be lumped together concerning much of their ridiculous rhetoric.

Javier Milei has captured the hearts and minds of most all those who loudly pretend to oppose the State, while believing that the answer to freedom lies with the State. No, I did not make that up, it is the common attitude accepted every time a new face says the ‘right’ things when attempting to gain great power as a ruler in a State system, while at the same time, promising to tear down that same system. This time is no different, and this is so simple to point out and see, but it belies imagination that most people who vote for their next ruler, never learn anything at all from thousands of years of mistakes. All these candidates are Statists, whether they claim that status or not, so are their supporters really fooled, or are they exposing their real character and lack of intellectual reasoning, by embracing complete contradiction?

Milei has said that he will “blow up the central bank” in Argentina, but how is he supposedly going to achieve that goal? He states that he will eliminate central banking, but he has no plans whatsoever to use any free market in money. He also said he would name a new central bank head, and would appoint a new economic team, which is a total contradiction of his statements, leaving government in charge of all monetary policy. While saying he will tear down the central banking system, he is mandating the use of the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar is a failing currency, but is also dependent on the most evil central bank in the world, so in essence, Milei is planning on partnering with the most powerful and criminal central bank to affect ‘his new system.’ He has not mentioned any free market alternative that the people could freely choose themselves, as he wants to force ‘his’ choice as the only choice. This is an extremely complicated process, and the problems that will arise would likely be monumental. These consequences could easily cause more major economic problems. While Argentina is in the midst of economic hell, a common problem that has plagued that country for decades, all due to government control and corruption, will this change simply due to a different government controlling everything? I think not.

Milei has also said he will cut ties with Russia, China, and Brazil, but does that not eliminate markets for all Argentinians, all at the whim of Milei? He claims to be ‘libertarian,’ but also an ‘anarcho-capitalist.’ This must be a big lie. An anarcho-capitalist would necessarily have to rely on being an anarchist, which means no rule, but did he not just seek rule, and win rule, and now plans to put ‘his’ policies in place by fiat? If he is arbitrarily closing off major markets to the citizens of Argentina, would that not be a direct assault on free markets, and therefore anti-capitalist? What about other ties that contradict his claim of being a ‘libertarian’ and ‘anarcho-capitalist? He has fully embraced Zelenskyy and Ukraine, and also has pledged total support of the U.S. and Zionist Israel, even claiming to consider a conversion to Judaism, therefore making him a strong proponent of war and genocide. He is doing all this in the name of Argentina, but these are his personal goals and beliefs, so does this total hypocrisy not give great pause to all those so-called freedom lovers who support him?

He claims to be anti-state, and against global takeover, so why is he a member of the World Economic Forum, with a page dedicated to him there. The WEF is the lead organization in the takeover of the earth and promoter of a one world government, so why is Milei, a claimed ‘libertarian’ and ‘anarcho-capitalist,’ closely associated with this evil organization? This is a direct contradiction, but this seems to be a pattern, and of course it is, because that is the way of all politics and all politicians, and all government. Liars all. Pillars of Prosperity:... Ron Paul Best Price: $4.87 Buy New $7.63 (as of 07:55 UTC - Details)

The news stories recently are consumed by ridiculous headlines that include; the “rise of the right,” “far right ‘outsiders,” and “right-wing nationalists taking power.” Elections in the Netherlands with Geert Wilders, the ‘far-right populist’ candidate for the ‘Freedom Party’ are finishing up, with his likely becoming the new prime minister. Christopher Luxon , “right-wing nationalist’ takes power in New Zealand. And of course, the outsider of outsiders, as seen by the very naive, Milei, now the new president of Argentina. All these politicians are compared to Trump, (what an endorsement?!) an insider if ever one existed, and all support Zionist Israel, protectionism, war, genocide, and massive State power. They are all peas in a pod, they are all the same, just as all parties are virtually the same power hungry controllers, regardless of the lies and deception practiced by those spewing their falsehoods on the podium.

Now the criminals vying for the seat of rule in the U.S., which is nothing more than a seat for a puppet ruler, will be the story of the coming year, as all the fake ‘freedom’ pretenders, will latch on to their guy, claiming good times for all are coming because of a new lord and master who promises to bring them freedom. Already, several have been sided with and endorsed by those claiming to be ‘anti-State.’ Will this hypocrisy, insanity and stupidity ever end, or will this madness go on forever, as has always been the case? I think you know the answer to this question. Fools are always fooled, they have always been fooled, and they will likely continue to pick their master at every single opportunity, thus resulting in perpetual rule and mass enslavement. But all fools should hurry, choose your new and better master, and run to the voting booth, as it will be so much better this time around.

“Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.”

Herbert Marcuse