Ukraine Blues

Ukraine, Ukraine is on my brain.
Billions of dollars down the drain.
Thousands dying in a senseless war
and nobody knows what we’re fighting for.
It’s not for “freedom.”
It’s not for “democracy.”
That stinks of rank hypocrisy.
Zelensky’s a grifter, a tyrant, a thug
but the US Congress gives him a hug.
The lying TV pundits chant “We’re winning”
while Grumman and Raytheon are grinning,
rolling in the taxpayers’ dough
and you can’t afford bread or milk anymo’.
Biden is just a skanky ho
doing the Globalist Elite’s bidding.
Freedom?  Democracy?  Who the hell are you kidding?
We blew up Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline,
a monumental, wicked crime,
stabbing our EU “allies” in the back.
This war is America’s two-pronged attack—
a war against Russia, to try to destroy her
and a war against Europe to make her dependent
on sly Uncle Sam who’s unrepentant.
Now Biden wants a steady cash flow
to give to Kiev… “On with the show!”
But the American people are goddamn sick
of your “Freedom and Democracy” shtick.
Cowardly Congress, you drown us in debt
while you coddle your parasitical pet.

Ukraine, Ukraine, we couldn’t care less
about turning your deeply corrupted country
into a depleted-uranium-filled mess.
The DU will kill you for the next thousand years
while we move on to our next victim.  Cheers!

Ukraine, Ukraine is on my brain.
All that suffering, murder, and pain
started by Obama a long time ago.
Now Biden, his puppet, has nothing to show
and you can’t afford bread or milk anymo’.
The American people sit and wonder
why their wokeist nation’s going down the drain
while they play on their cell phones, watch Netflix,
stage no protests, and hardly complain.
The Democrat/RINO Uniparty
serves the needs of the War Machine
while the people are fed lies, propaganda,
disinfotainment and deadly vaccines.

Ukraine, Ukraine, you’ve got nothing to gain
by riding Zelensky’s neo-Nazi train.
(The conductor is busy snorting cocaine.)
You’re fighting for reasons you can’t explain
while America has got you in chains
mounting a suicidal campaign.
I’m with you in spirit, tortured Ukraine,
but unlike Bill Clinton, I feel your pain.