Truth Bomblets

The US/NATO War Against Russia

Depleted uranium (DU)
from the USA and EU—
Satan’s gift which keeps on giving
to poison the unborn and the living.
Like landmines left behind in Vietnam,
DU is part of the US Empire’s plan
to destroy Russia, “rebuild” Ukraine.
The puppet Zelensky dare not complain.
Long-range missiles, long-range plans—
gifts from the US warmonger clan
to the tyrant-thug who’s wrecking his nation
and leading us to nuclear annihilation.
Z. used to be a porno comedian
banging his member against a keyboard.
Now he’s a swindler begging for grift
and even Congress is getting bored.
It’s the Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse
except there’s no diplomacy
and Biden’s senility is getting worse
while Kamala Harris longs for his hearse.
This absurd war is an obscene crime
planned by Washington for a long time.
End this fiasco, you Congress cowards!
The Doomsday Clock’s at the midnight hour.

The Scamdemic Is Over

No more lockdowns.
No more masks.
No more vaccines.
Don’t even ask!
No more mandates.
The People win.
The tyrants lose.
Your Covid vaccines cause massive harm.
Stick them in Gates’s or Fauci’s arm
or Albert Bourla
or Stéphane Bancel…
Pfizer, Moderna

Weather Balloon

Climate change
is mighty strange.
It used to be called global warming
but there is no man-made global warming
so they gave it a brand-new name
yet it’s still the same—
the same gigantic globalist hoax
to rob and deceive gullible folks.
If you question the fraudulent liars
they call you a “climate denier.”

The crooks who brought you the Covid scamdemic
are the same crooks behind the climate change scam.
At risk:  Every child, woman, and man.
Resist the hucksters any way you can.

mRNA: Sacrament of the New State Religion

Bill Gates wants you to take mRNA
so you’ll die slowly…or right away.
mRNA in the clot-shots
mRNA in the food
mRNA in the livestock
and if you protest, you’re evil or rude.

Bill Gates is a psychopath.
He’s killing millions—Do the math:
Millions are dead from the toxic jab,
millions more severely maimed.
The CDC admitted the truth
but the truth’s inconvenient, so don’t complain.
Shut your mouth, roll up your arm
and do yourself a world of self-harm.
Follow the guidance of Sean Penn
and other moronic brainwashed he-men.
Bill Gates wants to block out the sun
to stop “global warming.”  He’s just begun.

This Death By Vaccine campaign must end.
The Government is not your friend.
Big Pharma is not your friend.
The Mainstream Media is not your friend.
Hollywood is not your friend.
The W.H.O. is not your friend.
The UN is not your friend.
The lies and propaganda and slaughter must end.
One-world government under W.H.O. rules
is a deadly paradise for fools.
Bill Gates wants depopulation
along with his fellow eugenicists—
a few billion dead will not be missed.
Maybe your name is on the list?