CIA Running Ukraine Blows Biden’s Bluster About No U.S. Boots on the Ground

Ukraine is ground zero for the CIA’s fascist origins

The American magazine Newsweek published a big “exclusive” report this week purporting to reveal the extent of CIA involvement in the Ukraine proxy war against Russia. It hardly merits the billing of “exclusive” since it is well known that the U.S. spy agency is up to its neck in orchestrating the conflict.

In truth, the CIA’s nefarious role in Ukraine goes back decades to the end of World War Two. More on that further down.

Nevertheless, the Newsweek article provides a useful admission that Washington is recklessly – and criminally – fueling hostilities towards Russia, the world’s biggest nuclear power in terms of its arsenal. The Biden administration and its military-intelligence apparatus are risking an escalation of the proxy war to an all-out nuclear conflagration.

The Newsweek report remarks on the “contradiction” between President Joe Biden’s public vow to not put American boots on the ground and the undeniable heavy presence of U.S. clandestine forces in Ukraine helping (more precisely, directing) the war effort. Instead of “contradiction”, a plainer, more fitting word is “lie”.

Recall, too, Biden previously said he doesn’t want to “start World War Three” with Russia. That’s about as believable as an alcoholic saying he doesn’t want another drink.

The Biden administration is engaged in gross deception of the American public by absurdly pretending that U.S. military personnel are not in Ukraine and that Washington is not directing a war against Russia. Biden’s policy of pumping weapons into Ukraine ($40 billion so far) is inexorably leading the United States and its NATO allies deeper into an all-out war against Russia. Yet this mentally challenged president somehow maintains “there are no U.S. boots on the ground” and that the U.S.-led NATO alliance is not at war with Russia. Such blatant lies should be grounds for his impeachment.

Apart from the admission that the Newsweek article provides, the otherwise banal reporting is a whitewash of the CIA’s pivotal and pernicious role in the Ukraine conflict.

Laughably, the article portrays the CIA as “trying to ensure the war does not spin out of control”. Thus, the agency is presented as a moderating, restraining influence on the Kiev regime and its military conduct. The reader is led to believe that Washington is endeavoring to prevent the Ukrainian military from launching direct attacks on Russia. It is claimed that the CIA is “struggling” to control the operations of the Kiev regime which has at times gone rogue against Biden’s “rules of engagement”. Examples of rogue conduct, it is claimed, are the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, the bombing of the Kerch Bridge to Crimea, drone attacks on Moscow and several “mysterious assassinations” of Russian public figures.

This is risible disinformation from the CIA courtesy of Newsweek. Alternative, reliable investigative reporting by Seymour Hersh and others has exposed the Biden administration’s direct responsibility for the blowing up of the Nord Stream gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea last September.

It is also credibly asserted by Moscow that none of the other deep attacks on Russia could have been carried out by Ukrainian forces without the logistical involvement of the CIA and other NATO covert military agencies, primarily Britain’s MI6.

Since the conflict erupted in February last year, the Biden administration and its NATO partners have stoked the war with stepwise increases in ever-more lethal weaponry, from long-range missiles to battlefield tanks to promised delivery of F-16 fighter jets. This week Biden has reportedly green-lighted the supply of banned cluster munitions, which the Kiev regime will doubtless use against civilians in Russia’s Donbass region – under instruction from CIA advisors.

A crucial historical background for understanding the conflict in Ukraine is the involvement of the CIA in orchestrating the coup d’état in Kiev in 2014. That coup ousted a democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovich, and ushered in the Neo-Nazi junta that persists today – headed by the nominally Jewish comedian figure Vladimir Zelensky.

Zelensky and his inveterate corrupt cabal are nothing more than puppets and playthings for the CIA and MI6. Their useful-idiot function is to front a colossal arms racket and a U.S.-led proxy war to undermine Russia geopolitically, with regime change in Moscow as the ultimate objective, as well as to facilitate Washington’s agenda of subjugating Europe as a vassal colony for American capital for the purpose of propelling the next American war against China.

The CIA and its British counterparts are running the Neo-Nazi cesspit that Ukraine has been turned into. Even while trying to whitewash the CIA’s criminal role in Ukraine, the Newsweek article cited above admits that the agency has multiple bases located across that pathetic country and that CIA operatives are overseeing “massive networks” of arms running.

But what is particularly disturbing about the disinformation is the attempt to hoodwink the American public and others into thinking that the CIA and the Biden administration are somehow bystanders to the war. A war that is escalating despite their supposed noble efforts at “restraining”.

The American public is being drugged with lies and blandishments, misled as if sleepwalking towards a catastrophic world war with nuclear-armed Russia.

The conflict in Ukraine could be stopped immediately, as Russian national security advisor and former president Dmitry Medvedev pointed out again this week, if the United States simply stopped supplying weapons to Ukraine. However, the Biden administration has spurned all diplomatic efforts to negotiate a political-security settlement. U.S. media reports this week of “back channel” communications with Russia are not credible when Washington is giving full throttle to the war effort with the sinister hand of the CIA.

It should be remembered, too, that the CIA was borne out of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) at the end of World War Two. One of its first postwar tasks was recruiting Ukrainian fascists and mass killers who had collaborated with the Nazi Reich in its genocidal Final Solution against Slavs, Jews, Poles and others. (These fascists like Stepan Bandera and Mykola Lebed are held up as national heroes by today’s Kiev regime, including Jewish Mr Zelensky.) Washington deliberately recruited and deployed those terrorists to attack the Soviet Union in order to advance U.S. imperialist hegemonic ambitions in Europe.

Not much has changed. Ukraine is ground zero for the CIA’s fascist origins. Not only are American boots on the ground in Ukraine in large numbers. They have been there for decades – paired with jackboots – for the very objective of fomenting the present dangerous crisis that has now culminated.

Newsweek and other U.S. mainstream media are a profanity to public service and truth. One can discern between the lines, if sufficiently aware, but generally, those media outlets are tantamount to acting like soporific drugs. They should be obliged to carry a doctor’s warning on their frontage banners: consuming this product can induce stupidity resulting in disaster.

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