Viganò Message for Los Angeles Reparation Procession


to the Participants in the Eucharistic Procession in Reparation for the Blasphemous Outrages of the LGBTQ Sect

Praised Be Jesus Christ. I greet all of you, priests, religious and laity, who are participating today in the solemn Eucharistic procession in reparation for the recent outrages directed against God and our holy Religion. During a time of very serious crisis in the Church and of a furious attack on the Commandments of God and the Natural Law, we are all struck and indeed saddened by the complicit and fearful silence of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, concerned as it is with not offending the sensibilities of the world and indeed following and almost anticipating its agenda (here), while it has no concern for the fact that it is betraying Our Lord precisely in the moment in which He is being offended and blasphemed. By contrast, we wish to express our gratitude to Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas: may his courageous call for a public act of reparation (here) serve as an example and a warning to his brother bishops, whose silence is deafening, as well as belatedly emphasized by the appeal of the USCCB (here) to recite the Litany of the Most Sacred Heart, without mentioning either the blasphemous acts to be repaired or their perpetrators and accomplices.

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, a feast that the Lord ordered to be celebrated solemnly on the Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi, appearing in 1673 to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun and mystic. Jesus promised to Sister Margaret Mary that He would grant the gift of dying in the state of Grace to those souls who would worthily receive Holy Communion on the First Friday of nine consecutive months. Our Lord asked King Louis XIV to consecrate France to His Most Sacred Heart and to depict the Sacred Heart on the banners of the realm, announcing that if the king did not do so his enemies would ruin the Monarchy. But if the king’s failure to consecrate France was able to cause the spiritual and material ruin of this illustrious Nation through a bloody Revolution; if the failure to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary — as the Most Blessed Virgin announced in 1917 — was able to provoke the spread of the errors of materialist atheism and communism throughout the world; what punishment now weighs on this rebellious world, which is now dominated by the servants of Satan and demon worshipers? And what punishment now weighs on the ecclesial body, whose Prelates make a daily profession of obedience to the globalist regime of the New World Order, even legitimizing the sins which cry out for vengeance in the sight of God, and are culpably silent as the enemies of Christ spew forth their blasphemies and offend the most holy things of our Religion?

Perhaps we ought to begin to look at the present apostasy as a scourge permitted by God to punish an infidelity that has now lasted for sixty years in the Church, in a crescendo of betrayals whose sole purpose — we can now recognize it — is the cancellation of the Catholic Faith taught by the Lord to the Apostles and the replacement of the Church with her humanitarian, horizontal counterfeit, inspired by the subversive principles of Freemasonry and the cult of man.

Today we celebrate the Mystery of the infinite Love of Jesus Christ — symbolized by His Heart beating and inflamed with Charity — Who went to the point of becoming incarnate, suffering and dying for us on the Cross, offering to the Eternal Father the perfect expiation for all the sins committed by men since the original sin. That divine Love, that God Who is most perfect Love, comes to close the Octave of the Feast of Corpus Christi, as if to seal the inheritance of the Love that the Lord leaves us with His Presence in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is in fact out of love for us that the Lord wanted to institute the Most Holy Eucharist: He remains present under the humble veils of the Eucharistic bread, willing to suffer irreverence and profanation, in order to have the consolation of seeing so many good souls, so many children, so many young people, and so many married couples on their knees before the tabernacle or gathered around the radiant monstrance. And also, so many sinners, who come to heal those shortcomings and weaknesses by turning to the Lord, trusting in His holy help, and humbly recognizing that they are in need of forgiveness and grace.

Why, then, is so much fury directed against the Good? Why this fury against good people who dedicate their lives to serving their neighbors, if not due to the proud rejection of eternal salvation on the part of those who do not accept that there is any Redemption because they persist in denying that there is a fault to expiate and a guilty humanity? What misunderstanding of the value of the consecrated life is shown by those who parody nuns: these holy women who in the silence of the cloisters pray even for them! And what cowardice on the part of both the public and the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, who tolerate and approve of behavior that should instead receive public execration.

While you all are honoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, other unfortunates throughout the Western world celebrate the pride of violating God’s Commandments and the very Law of nature, with the support of public institutions, the encouragement of religious leaders, the sponsorship of multinational corporations, and the participation of the world of entertainment and information. This should be enough to make us understand how the people who are truly discriminated against today are those who are not willing to apostatize from the Christian Faith to embrace woke idolatry.

The globalist dictatorship — imposed and financed by well-known conspirators — does not value diversity but rather seeks to annul it; it does not want our freedom but rather our enslavement to vice, our dependence on a perverted power that rewards only its accomplices, and our subjection to the elite caste of corrupt people whom no one has elected and no one dares to arrest for high treason.

Money, power, pleasure, success, immortality: the seductions of the Evil One are always the same. You will be like gods (Gen. 3:5), the Serpent had said to Adam and Eve, lying. What more absurd promise, what more brazen fraud could Satan hatch in order to convince our first parents to disobey God? Yet they believed that a creature rebellious against the Almighty could make them become like gods and give them the knowledge of Good and Evil, that is, the ability to decide what is right and what is not, which is the exclusive prerogative of God.

The same false and murderous promise is repeated to us whenever we are subject to temptation, because the Evil One wants to induce us not only to sin, but even to usurp from God the authority to determine how we should behave, to deny that that action is sinful, by which we make ourselves responsible for the torments of the Passion of Christ. But who are we to replace the Majesty of God and decide what is Good and what is Evil? What delirium of omnipotence can mislead the mind of sinful man, inducing him to despise the Divine Love that enkindles the Heart of Jesus with Charity, preferring eternal damnation in inextinguishable hatred towards our Creator and Redeemer, throwing ourselves as corpses into the arms of the one who is a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44)? And what mad blindness — reminiscent of that of the Sanhedrin at the foot of the Cross — can push the Ministers of the Most High to become the accomplices of this infernal subversion of the divine order?

The secularization of the Church in progress for over half a century has led the Catholic Hierarchy to be ashamed of the Truth, of the Son of God, the Eternal Word of the Father, of Christ Who is Lord and King of the Church and of nations, not only by divine right but also by right of conquest, since with His Sacrifice He has regained us — at the price of His Precious Blood — after we had chosen death and damnation by yielding to the temptation of the Serpent.

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