Lessons From Dad; Rivers and Redlines We Must Cross!

My Father was a battle hardened WW2 sergeant, a combat engineer who built bridges and cleared mines; fearless, open minded and wise to the evil men do.  As a teenager, when I displayed anger or voiced a defensive position, he would simply ask, “What are you afraid of ?”  Then he would quietly let me learn from my mistakes,… so many mistakes.

At times I would avoid discussion, lie or just do stupid kid stuff (and reap the punishment for my adolescent folly.) Doesn’t our secretive government and State media behave the same? Doesn’t one lie lead to a thousand more?

When politicians and their elite handlers cook-up yet another scam to rob the treasury and advance pet monopolies, they first concoct an illogical line of absurd bullshit.  Whether to promote another war, drug or fake economic initiative; objections are met with childish defensiveness. As counter arguments rise to their traitorous plans, spin and distraction are employed repetitively as with wars in Iraq or Libya …or covid masks and vaxxinations.  Then at some point the media shuts-down all counter arguments and begins to attack truth tellers as they did to Ritter and Assange on the MidEast or thousands of integrous doctors in the case of the pandemic….Defensiveness morphed into a desperate offense. The public was shamed as being unpatriotic for not supporting forever wars or blamed for “killing” grandma if vaxxx hesitant… “Shut up, we know what’s best for you!”

Politically correct language is eventually installed and mandated, naysayers are censored across networks and social media, until some level of compliance is achieved, deeds are done, history altered and the news cycle moves on. Plausible deniability is woven into narratives and no convictions for their mega-crimes ever occur.

Back to Dad….What are they afraid of?  Why the defensiveness?  They are up to no-good and must hide their dirty deeds to protect a criminal empire.

In order to run the narrative long-term, they commit psychological voodoo and erect taboos to take all counter arguments off the table.  REDLINES!

Redlines now form the frame of acceptable public discourse.  Discussion of all the phony wars of aggression, political assassinations, worthless and harmful pharmaceuticals, toxic agriculture/foods/chemicals, climate agendas, the sins of our “allies” and financial manipulations resulting in inflation, economic disparity, infrastructure decay and social decline;… are Forbidden!  “Official” redlines solidify to become contrived immunity from public awareness and criminal prosecution.

Through many decades of personal experience and reflection, I realize the wisdom my father tried to impart on his impetuous young son.  I saw the lessons other real men offered while growing up to be as true as sunshine and gravity…They were men of honor, of valor, of truth.  They shattered the veils of ego; of fear, dishonesty and deception.

“Toxic masculinity” and “white supremacy” became inventions to castrate dissension and hobble righteous men of strong conviction.  I can now see sleazy liars for what they truly are, how they despise our freedom, our lives and reality itself. They fear truth.  This is why we must destroy their redlines, their cattle fences, their seductive lies, and cross that river to become self-sovereign peoples.  That’s why.

So Sarge, I salute you everyday! I know you are proud of me. I raised a fine son as you did. I found courage in truth and self-respect in my respect for all life. Thanks!