Call the Exorcists!

“Modern states are powerful things, vast machines built of human components that act according to their own logic and towards their own ends.” — Eugypius on Substack

As a Jewish American, and a connoisseur of my people’s folklore, I bring to your attention the troublesome figure of the dybbuk (dih-bik), a disembodied demon that, because of its sins, wanders restlessly among us and can enter the flesh of a living person, who will then afflict and torment the community until properly exorcised by a minyan of rabbis garbed in white burial shrouds wielding sacred oaths.

Thus, I give you Andrew Weissmann, Esq., attorney at law, the American chief dybbuk, on the scene for decades now, sowing mischief and woe, leading an unholy host of fellow dybbukim calling itself Lawfare to infest the courts and meddle in elections. Think: Michael Sussman, an imp of RussiaGate; Michael Bromwich, former DOJ Inspector General (!) and then advisor to one Christine Blasey Ford (remember her?), David Laufman, erstwhile DOJ counter-intel goblin and Blasey Ford “beach friend” errand boy, Marc Elias, engineer extraordinaire of ballot harvesting operations in the 2020 election and many related pranks, Dan Goldman, lead counsel for the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment against Donald J. Trump…dybbuks all!

The dybbuk Weissmann is best known, of course, for directing the Special Counsel’s “Russian Collusion” campaign (2017 – 2019) in the mental absence of its nominal chief, Robert Mueller, an endeavor that, in the end, could not find any instance of then-President Trump colluding with said Russians — but did, via a firehose of media leaks, succeed in casting a Trump derangement spell over half the US population. Dybbuk Weissmann lately haunts the MSNBC cable news channel as a “legal analyst.”

And yet, this shape-shifting fiend turns up again now in the Biden family global bribery matter, of all things. See if you can follow the convoluted tale coming out of Dybbuk Central a.k.a. Ukraine and the FBI. You may already know that in May, 2014, R. Hunter Biden, son of then-vice president Joe Biden, was appointed to the board of the Ukrainian natgas company Burisma, where he was paid $80,000-a-month for his expertise (he had none) in the global gas industry. As it happened, at exactly the same time Veep Joe Biden was appointed as then-President Barack Obama’s “point man” in Ukraine after the 2014 Maidan Coup, engineered by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the CIA, that ousted elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

By and by, Ukraine elected a new American-friendly president, Petro Poroshenko. Burisma was owned by an oligarch name of Mykola Zlochevsky. Apparently, the $80-K-a-month for Hunter Biden was not enough. The friendly American veep, Joe Biden, pressed Burisma’s Zlochevsky to provide $5-million payment each to Hunter and himself for additional Biden family services in Ukraine.

President Petro Poroshenko had a political confident and fixer (problem solver) named Oleksandr Onyshchenko, then a member of Ukraine’s parliament. In the 2015-16 time-frame, Onyshchenko conveyed a message to Zlochevsky that paying large sums of money to the Bidens might not be a good idea. Somehow, Onyshchenko’s complaints about the Bidens’ grift operation made it into the leading Kiev newspaper. As we all know, in November, 2016, Donald Trump was elected US President. Catastrophe! Freak-out in the US embassy in Kiev!

December, 2016, American Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanowicth, sent panicky emails to the folks back home about Onyshschenko’s allegations of Biden bribery. One of the recipients was a CIA agent implanted in the National Security Council name of Eric Ciaramella, later known as the Ukraine Phone Call Whistleblower.

Now, you may recall that in the summer of 2019, the owner of a Delaware computer repair shop, one John Paul Mac Isaac, came into possession of a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden — under law, being left 90-days after repairs were made — and seeing its startling contents, tried to give it to the FBI, but was rebuffed. By then, CIA agent Eric Ciaramella had blown his whistle over a phone call Mr. Trump made to new Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky inquiring about the Bidens’ doings there. Later that fall, with impeachment proceedings started against President Trump, FBI agents came back at Mr. Mac Isaac and took the computer into the agency’s possession.

Consider that FBI Director Christopher Wray must have known about the laptop coming into his HQ and what it contained — and known that throughout the impeachment and Senate trial proceedings of Mr. Trump, And, of course, Mr. Wray did not volunteer any of this evidence about the Bidens to Mr. Trump’s defense attorneys. Nor did then-Attorney General William Barr, Mr. Wray’s superior. Odd, a little bit?

Spool back a few years now: turns out that in December, 2016, Oleksandr Onyshchenko, had gone to the FBI with a hoard of audiotapes made by Burisma chief Zlochevsky of phone calls between Veep Joe Biden and Ukraine President Poroshenko. Zlochevsky was now freaked-out that President-elect Donald Trump might have a whole different attitude toward Ukraine than the Obama-Biden admin had. The Burisma chief had gotten a hold of the tapes as, shall we say, an insurance policy in case his sketchy Ukrainian government and their even sketchier US State Department and CIA handlers happened to give him any guff about his operations. By then, Mr. Onyshchenko had been officially designated an FBI Confidential Human Source. Turns out he had been playing both sides, informing the American Intel Community about dark matters in the upper echelons of Ukraine for some time, was trusted, and was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the US for his efforts.

Now, guess who got into the act at just moment (Dec 16, 2016) that Confidential Human Source Mr. Onyshchenko came forward with Zlochevsky’s Poroshenko-Biden tapes: the American Lawfare dybbuk Andrew Weissmann — of all people! What was poor naïve Mr. Onyshchenko thinking when he handed evidence of Democratic Party bigwig Veep Joe Biden’s moneygrubbing over to Barack Obama’s Department of Justice?

And guess what happened to the audiotaped evidence of the extravagant gifts to Hunter and Joe Biden: pffffftttttt…! It went up in a vapor. Dybbuk Weissmann, then working as the chief of the DOJ’s fraud division, made the whole thing go away. Just. Like. That. Dybbuk Weissmann made sure that the DOJ and the FBI officially discontinued having any interest in whatever the Biden family might have been up to in Ukraine.

And guess what happened next to Mr. Onyshchenko: he was charged with lying and corruption by his own (Ukrainian) government and became an international fugitive when the US Intel Community demurred to let him escape to the United States. And guess who is now in fear of his life.

And, by the way, subsequent phone call recordings dating from December 19, 2016, are now circulating freely in the US of then-Ukraine President Poroshenko thanking then-Veep Joe Biden for getting the US DOJ off the case. As reported by Stephen McIntyre on Twitter (@ClimateAudit): Biden re-assured Poroshenko that the FBI had “stopped” and there was “no reason [for FBI] to talk to him again.” Biden undertook to “check that [with FBI] and confirm that with you.”

So fast forward to the present moment. Senator Chuck Grassley made a speech on the Senate Floor this week revealing the existence of all these tape recordings that detail $5-million plus $5-million bribes from Mr. Zlochevsky to the Biden family. Podcaster Dan Bongino has played them on his show several times this past week (episodes 2020, 2031, and 2032). Go there and listen for yourself.

Note, too, that dybbuk Andrew Weissmann is still at large in our land dybbuking-up a storm again just this past week with an article in The Atlantic titled Jack Smith’s Backup Operation suggesting that if Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago papers case against Donald Trump happens to fizzle, yet another case can be opened against the former President in the New Jersey federal district court. Isn’t it about time to call in that minyan of rabbinical exorcists and expel this demon from America’s body politic?

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