Presidency Ending Developments

On Thursday, the House Ways and Means Committee publicly released the testimony of two whistleblowers from the IRS, who made shocking revelations about misconduct and abuse of power by the IRS and the DOJ during the investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax evasion case.

The whistleblowers testified to the House Ways and Means Committee that from 2014-2019, Hunter Biden personally received $8.3 million from Ukraine, China, and Romania and he didn’t pay taxes on the income and that the Biden Department of Justice attempted to block the IRS agents investigating the tax violations.

Hunter Biden and associates received $17.3 million in total from these three countries during this period, according to the whistleblowers.

IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley and his unnamed subordinate claim that career prosecutors had originally intended to charge Hunter Biden with numerous tax violations dating back to 2014 but the indictment was thwarted by appointees of Joe Biden, with federal prosecutors blocking two search warrants and refusing to press more extensive criminal charges.

Shapley testified that Delaware US Attorney David Weiss tried to bring charges in District of Columbia in March of 2022 and was denied by Biden-appointed US attorney Matthew Graves. Shortly afterwards, Weiss sought special counsel status from DOJ and was denied, again by Matthew Graves. In the Fall of 2022, Weiss sought to bring charges in the Central District of California and he was denied in January of 2023 by Biden-appointed US attorney Martin Estrada.

In addition, Shapley confirmed that the government had evidence that Joe Biden met with his son’s Chinese business partners at CEFC, the Chinese energy firm that hired Hunter to represent its interests in the United States and he described an interview that family associate Rob Walker gave the FBI, in which he told them that then-Vice President Biden showed up at a CEFC lunch meeting at the super expensive Four Seasons restaurant.

According to Hunter Biden, himself in a threatening WhatsApp message to CEFC’s Henry Zhao, Joe Biden was in the room with him while he was shaking down Zhao for money, with Hunter saying, “Between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge, that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

This text was uncovered during the execution of an August 2020 search warrant but according to Rep Jason Smith, “Investigators were not allowed to verify the information.”

However, if you go to the Laptop from Hell, which is online at, you’ll find Hunter’s photos that are all geotagged with the dates and the locations of where the photos were taken.

On July 30th, 2017, the same date that Hunter was shaking down Henry Zhao on WhatsApp, he uploaded photos of himself in the driveway of Joe’s house, behind the wheel of one of his father’s classic Corvettes, while seated next to his sexual obsession at the time, his pre-teen niece Natalie, who’s been blurred-out of this image. Sadly, she is seen engaged in a sex act with Hunter in at least one of the videos on the Laptop from Hell, which is a whole other horrible conversation for another time.

The New York Times‘ Ken Vogel reported that, “Within 10 days of Hunter Biden’s WhatsApp message to the Chinese official associated with CEFC, a CEFC subsidiary sent 2 payments totaling $5.1 million to accounts linked to Hunter, according to records cited in the Senate GOP Investigation.”

Kyle Becker reports that Zhao actually sent over $5 million dollars to Hunter Biden and then moved over $1 million to Joe Biden’s brother’s consulting firm and then the bank then shut down his account due to suspected money laundering.

And by the way, we also learned that the FBI verified the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop in November of 2019, a full year before the 51 retired members of the intelligence community – at the behest of our current Secretary of State, Tony Blinken – called the laptop “Russian Disinformation”, causing social media to censor all information about the laptop and de-platforming users who posted references to it.

Under his plea arrangement, Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to just two federal misdemeanor counts of failing to pay his taxes and he was spared prison time. US District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika of the District of Delaware – a Trump appointee – still needs to sign off on or reject this sweetheart plea deal and she has set a court date of July 26 for Hunter Biden to make his first court appearance related to this plea bargain.

With all of the revelations from yesterday, it will be very galling if justice Noreika goes along with it.

Merrick Garland earlier today responded to the reactions to the release of this incriminating information by the House Ways and Means Committee, saying that accusations that the DOJ does not treat all cases alike constitutes an attack on an institution that is essential to American democracy and that nothing could be further from the truth.

Unbelievable. If you ever wanted to see the face of Communism within the US Government, this is it.

For his part, former Trump DOD Chief of Staff, Kash Patel reacted to these latest revelations from the House Ways and Means Committee, posting on Truth, quote: “Garland LIED: Impeach him and Wray together. Subpoena Barr – he hid criminal evidence. MAN UP Congress! Justice Denied: Hunter skates free.”

And it’s now come out that the way this investigation got opened to begin with was when Hunter wrote off his prostitutes as a business expense.

The long-suffering Garrett Ziegler, who has done backbreaking work, cataloguing all of the documents and images found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell and redacting any National Security data and genitalia or any other inappropriate stuff and he posted it for your viewing pleasure at

Garrett knows all of this material in and out and he broke down everything that’s happening on the War Room on Friday with Steve Bannon.

Using every conceivable means at its disposal, the Democrat regime interfered in the election. Local officials did so by unlawfully changing rules at the last minute. Big Tech did so by hiding damaging information on their preferred candidates and censoring conservatives. The AFL-CIO managed the ballot-stuffing ground game. CISA fudged the numbers. The media did it by lying to voters, day in and day out.

In the words of The Federalist journalist, Kylee Griswold, “The regime’s deep-state footsoldiers are perhaps the most egregious offenders. Their censorship and legal malpractice to shield the Biden family were in-kind campaign contributions to the now-president — who likely wouldn’t hold that title without their help.”

So, we’ve explored the anatomy of this PSYOP from the underbelly of the federal bureaucracy but we also now have the perfect example of how the Biden White House manipulates the news cycle to mitigate their own endless cycle of shame, dishonor and treason – and it’s probably not what you expect.

The Titanic Sub PSYOP has been exposed and it’s really great how more and more people are becoming media-savvy and are starting to spot the PSYOPs, to the point where eventually, it won’t be worth it to them to even try anymore.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the US Navy detected the implosion of the Titan submersible on Sunday but Joe Biden held the news until Thursday’s whistleblower testimony on Hunter and The New York Post‘s Miranda Devine was all over that.

In other words, the entire past week of reports about the search for the sub and the clanging sounds and the debris fields was a distraction op during what was perhaps the worst week of news for Biden’s struggling presidency.

As Kyle Becker says, the Titan submersible story enveloped and smothered ugly political developments like Adam Schiff’s censure, Joe Biden’s impeachment vote passing the floor and of course the IRS whistleblower testimony that implicated both Joe and Hunter Biden in a shakedown scheme with a Chinese tycoon.

The whistleblower testified under oath about the Department of Justice’s efforts to cover up Biden crimes, obstruct justice, and hide evidence from investigators. If proven true – and the sources are both credible and trustworthy – then these should be presidency-ending developments. It should also mean years behind bars for the president’s son, at the very least.

During a news cycle that would have led to relentless coverage of brewing scandals under any Republican president, the coverage became flooded with the ill-fated tale of the Titan submersible – and now, we know why and they won’t be able to get away with it now or ever again, as Benny Johnson discussed this morning on his podcast.

So, the DHS, which was largely responsible, along with the FBI, the CDC and the State Department for de-platforming millions of Americans from Facebook and Twitter for talking about things like Hunter Biden’s Laptop – and, remember? – they wanted to set up the Disinformation Governance Board to wipe the internet clean from any so-called “harmful disinformation”?

Well, it turns out that the DHS was actively engaged in planting this fake story, which dominated the airwaves – and Rolling Stone magazine, to its everlasting shame – ran with this BS.

Rolling Stone and VICE are running neck-and-neck for most obsequious to the Neo-Liberal World Order. Cheesy technocrats buy up Boomer emblems of Counter Culture but nothing screams Establishment more than Rolling Stone and VICE.

And it all goes back to Obama!

At the 1:54:57 minute mark of her Tore Says podcast last Monday, former CIA contractor Tore Maras claimed that the FBI and DOJ knew everything there was to know about Joe and every crime that he’d ever committed, because they were all about keeping tabs and protecting Obama, so that they could alter evidence in order to ensure that only Biden would go down – and not Obama. And she says, “Your GOP is working with them!”

What she says here reminds me VERY MUCH of the claims of Patrick Byrne and of former US Senate candidate for Maryland, Jon McGreevey and it gives us a glimpse of the nuts-and-bolts of how compromise is leveraged and engineered by the Deep State: They need politicians to be corrupt, so that they can control them, plus they have the ability to alter official documents on Government servers – and apparently, they are constantly doing so, in order to manipulate their controlled politicians!

McGreevey said that the murdered DNC employee, Seth Rich had unknowingly stumbled onto such a scheme when he downloaded data from the DNC server. McGreevey claimed that corrupt Federal officials operating out of the Baltimore office of the DOJ – which was led for 12 years by Rod Rosenstein – they had been tampering and altering the DNC’s emails throughout the course of the Obama Administration, in order to control its members. They had also been getting dirt or manufacturing and planting dirt against all the top judges. And they had been spying on Hillary’s private server – to use his words – “almost as soon as it went live”.

McGreevey said that Rosenstein feared the DNC email breach would reveal what his office had been doing, so he hired his crooked DEA and ATF operatives (not MS-13, as has often been claimed) to murder Seth Rich and to take his thumb drive containing the DNC server data that they knew, from spying on him, that he always carried on his person.

McGreevey said he didn’t know whether Seth leaked to WikiLeaks or if that was his intent but it was the fact that Seth breached the server and downloaded the emails that got these Government Gangsters to come after him. It wasn’t about WikiLeaks, per se.

You may recall how last February, we learned through Jacqueline Breger that the Sinaloa Cartel had similarly penetrated the University of Arizona databases, such that they could make someone appear to have taken courses that they didn’t take, they could award academic credentials to non-existent “phantom” people, in order to flesh-out their fake identities and these phantom identities were then used in these money-laundering schemes.

Tore proposes that, instead of letting the Deep State get rid of Biden and just moving on, that we de-classify all of the Big Mike stuff – and then she says, “Maybe we should FOIA the CIA for Stanley Ann Dunham’s career [Barack Obama’s mother] and WTF she did in Iran and what she did in Burkina Faso – and tell us how she got pregnant, because the timelines don’t fit!…Right now, what you’re watching is a pony show.”

Tore mentioned the McCarran Act, also known as the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950, which required Communist organizations to register with the federal government. Sadly, the 1965 US Supreme Court ruling in Albertson v. Subversive Activities Control Board saw much of the act’s Communist registration requirement abolished.

She said that Merrick Garland should be the poster child for the result of this fateful Supreme Court decision – and that we need to bring back the full verbiage of the McCarran Act and kick all the Commies to the curb.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.