The Corona Agenda’s 'Abiding Ironies': Freedom, Slavery and Singularity

I was astonished recently to hear, from a highly respected writer, an astute analyst of the Corona agenda, at a gathering of real doctors here in New Zealand who stood up for informed consent and individualized treatment and the like, that we should get used to less liberty. I remember that moment vividly when the wise, kindly, avuncular figure spoke to us via a projected video, because as I looked around me, startled, nobody else had batted an eye.

What exactly did he mean by this? I’m not sure – but I have a creeping feeling that, three years after the Corona avalanche, people have been ‘gently’ persuaded to accept a new abnormal loss of freedom, even from those ostensibly in our freedom movements.

Is it because we have all been beaten into pulp by relentless warnings of ever-emerging infectious threats, warnings about the inevitably cataclysmic consequences of Climate Change, warnings about the inescapable dangers of overpopulation?

The message is that we – by which I mean rather ordinary people, people who work for a living and struggle to make ends meet – must sacrifice our personal dreams of autonomy for a common good that has been defined by a class of shadowy and not-so-shadowy billionaire Elitists, represented by their servile institutions such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the Federation of State Medical Boards, and the like.

They, however, can do whatever they want, I guess. I am certain that they eat well, that they enjoy the finest accommodation, that they travel whenever and wherever they wish, that they can indulge virtually any sensual pleasure as they see fit – and I am equally certain that what they have, what they possess, and what they already enjoy is never quite enough.

The nature of Power, as I have written many times before, is to enhance itself. Having great Power renders one lusting for more, and the very most that can be wished for becomes an imagined exercise of omnipotent control, a kind of orgy of gratification that reaches an apotheosis when Power is infused by sexual thrill, and the world is made in the image of …

Of what?

I ask myself daily, to what to these Power-wielders aspire? The atomic nucleus has been breached, human DNA and RNA are being manipulated, and the once-clear definitions of gender are being turned into a macabre impressionistic blur.

I remember that as a kid I made a contrivance that would allow me to turn the light switch off in my room without leaving my bed, and I still recall the great satisfaction I felt by this deft economy of action. This innocent pleasure nonetheless contains the kernel of what the Masters of the Digital Universe must feel when with the magic of keystrokes or swipes they can drop in on our conversations, censor our expressive output – audio, visual or literary – and employ the sciences of miniaturization and condensation for their dream of control.

Except their dream leads inexorably to a Singularity that extinguishes all that is good about being human: it is nothing more or less than an aspiration of infantile grandiosity, where a mere thought or fantasy is the equivalent of action, and the thinker-fantasist is ecstatically Immortal.

I observe how callous and cavalier the Elites are with ordinary human lives, in keeping with the attitude of warlords and leaders throughout history, but with this very significant exception: their reach is now global, as the Corona exercise has demonstrated, and far more encompassing than that of the greatest of Emperors.

As they winnow the population with their bio-weapons and push a track-and-trace agenda on our movements and even our thoughts, they encourage calls for freedom to ring only in areas that pose no risk to their program. ‘My body, my choice’ did not necessarily mean ‘Noli me tangere’ when it came to the jabs.

These days so many young people question virtually nothing their authorities in government or the moribund MSM dish out, at a time in their lives when the critical energies of curiosity and independence should be burning high. Instead, they funnel their spirited quest for Liberty into the side-channels of Identity, demanding that they be known not by their fruits but by their pronouns – as if ‘who I say I am’ assumes transcendent precedence over ‘what I do’.

It’s a neat and devilish trick of the Overlords, convincing slaves that they are free, and it’s reminiscent of the message from the New Zealand government during the desolate and devastating lockdowns that we were all ‘coming together’, ironically enough, by staying apart.

The original source of this article is Global Research.