FDIC Cash Balance Covers 1.27% of All Insured Deposits

Before helping to Bailout SVB Bank and Republic Bank – the FDIC had $128 billion cash on hand representing 1.27% of all insured deposits.   Still think your money is insured?   Not if the FDIC has no more funds.   They are funded by banks – when banks are no more, their funding takes a dive.   The Rothschild Economist declared a few weeks ago that the largest banks needed to absorb ALL other banks to recreate a banking Cartel of just 3-5 mega banks.   This is the only means to CONTROL via social credit scores.

Today, The Economist is suggesting that mining companies begin the same absorption process.   Lauding the agenda as the creation of a super commodities group or “Cartel”, the industry includes green metals as well as coal and other minerals such as lithium. Monopolies are the end goal.

Within this western trend, newly crowned King Charles has altered his coronation to add a ‘pledge’ that all Brits are called to recite in unison proclaiming their obedience to the King.   Not to the Land. Not to the Constitution.   But to Charles the man who intends to expand his Kingship duties so as to fully indoctrinate the British Empire that was and isn’t.  Hail Britain’s Totalitarian Rule!

The problem with going forward with the World Economic Forum Agenda is too many countries have sabotaged the global outcome.   Without a global response, with waning allies, and with awakened populace across the globe, the Cartel will need more than simple monopolies doling out rations.

In the event the Mafia Cartel manages to obliterate the western economies who will they govern?   Exodus from major cities will cue chaos should the chaos puppets choose to invade suburban and rural communities.     Which is why the importance of gun confiscation becomes a pre-eminent need to solve before the wave moves outward.  Their timing is off…

In nearly all mergers, employees are the first casualty.   Employees who reap benefits, lucrative salaries and whose job is largely a stage effect go first.   But in every restructure the slashing is crisp and finale.   There is no begging.   There is no mercy.   Thus the mergers being ordered by the Cartel will have an unemployment fallout.   Given all statistics are now algorithms, we have little ability to scrape together facts from the dung pile.

Unemployment is already a side show of fraud – operating on the same ideology established by Communist China.   We used to laugh at how China manipulated its GDP, its employment, its death rate, its wealth, its stock market, all DATA.   It is relatively easy once the government is onboard.   Now we know that all western DATA is forged.   We also know that Yellen, sobbing over a looming debt default, has the mind of a slug of jello and she will do whatever she is told without – a thought.   Literally.

When Jerome Powell told the Russian pranksters that he planned to raise interest rates two more times – he was admitting that DATA had nothing to do with the hikes.   He was laughing at his gamut and gloating with triumph…   Powell also felt close enough to “Zelenskyy” to divulge that the US was most definitely going to go into a recession this year likely attributable to the rate hikes…   hahaha isn’t it funny…

Having this degree of cordiality and insecure dialogue with Zelenskyy seems rather cozily prepped.   Powell wouldn’t express this much honesty with his own American counterparts, but feels it is discussable with a corrupt, fraudulent war monger.   On key – Michael Bloomberg announces that rates are still too high because inflation just won’t be tamed until we spiral into abject twallette water Recession – with a capital R.   The same Bloomberg who is working his Everytown lawyers into a frenzy as they weed out the smaller gun manufacturers with lawsuits in preparation for collapsing gun ownership.   Via – ammunition shortages.

But wait,   CSIS claims that the US military already has ammo shortages due to supplies shipped to Ukraine while Ukraine says it has ammo shortages because no one shipped them enough ammo – who cares about jets when you have no ammo?

For EXAMPLE:   CSIS states that the US military sent 1 million rounds of artillery shells to Ukraine – but only manufactures 2300 per MONTH!

When asking why this is international news – aka giving our ‘enemies’ specific information about our military hardware shortages – we need look no further than the Pentagon announcing the exact date of the Spring Offensive that will be Ukraine’s WIN!   Powell talking to Russian Pranksters.   Our CIA Director having multiple ‘meetings’ with Epstein while claiming he didn’t actually know who he was…   These are the Experts.   LAWYERS.  

Lawyers have the largest ego of nearly any occupation.   They routinely graduate from ‘expert law schools’ with ‘expert degrees’ and ‘expert accolades’ embellishing expertise in Everytown Everything.   Somehow, Lawyers run Economic Events, Pharma and medical decisions, all while determining Bills and Procedures for Congress.   Lawyers run our education system, our Banking Cartel, and our agriculture.   LAWYERS…

Today, Lawyers are determining how AI advancement could annihilate Earth.   And of course, by the time they actually use analytic and critical Thinking that is NOT fed to them – their brains will explode from the exertion and they will retire to Fiji.

Watch The Mergers.   This will determine their next Play Act on the Stage of the “Global Bust” as written by

~ The Protocols.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.