QAnon, Trumpenstein, and the Art of Winning

MAGA is the new Washington Generals

The most recent outrageous conviction in the January 6 psyop will send the leaders of the Proud Boys to prison for as long as twenty years. One of those convicted was Joe Biggs, a former Infowars reporter who did some great work for Alex Jones, back when his show hadn’t been impacted yet by Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, I was stunned. I said at the time that, whatever and whoever he really was, Trump represented our last hope. I also said he would be the last Republican president. That prediction is looking pretty good at this point. I guess in a way Trump fooled me, but I’m not ashamed to say I voted for him. His campaign rhetoric was often revolutionary. After he contacted me to tell me how much he loved my book Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics, Roger Stone told me, “You’re going to love Trump. He knows about all these conspiracies.” Trump said some things that I might have said, if I was a presidential candidate.

Trump’s Inaugural Address was the finest, in my view, since John F. Kennedy’s. Among those in the crowd, watching the address with a bird’s eye-seat, was Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield was perhaps the first doctor to focus public attention on the obvious links between vaccines and autism. And when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. told the press that he’d just met with President-elect Trump, who was going to appoint him chair of a commission investigating such links, I thought that maybe, just maybe, Trump really was a disgruntled One Percenter, who had made his money and now wanted to expose the corrupt system that he had profited from.

But Trump’s White House quickly turned its back on RFK, Jr., and eventually stopped answering his calls. Needless to say, such a commission was never created. Trump’s appointments were about as bad as they could possibly be. One Never Trumper after another, like Nikki Haley, and later ultimate warmonger and bully John Bolton. I said at the time that I would like to know how many in his cabinet had actually voted for him. And then he appointed lifelong Bush crime family crony William Barr as his Attorney General. We are supposed to believe that he sincerely thought this defender of Waco, and character witness for the FBI sharpshooter that murdered Randy Weaver’s wife at Ruby Ridge, was going to “drain the swamp.”

Trump had promised perhaps more than any other presidential candidate in history. He was going to sign Executive Orders, on his “first day in office,” to ban birth-right citizenship, to ban sanctuary cities, to stop the foreign visa worker pipeline. He was going to close the border. He was going to actually deport those here illegally. On the immigration issue alone, Trump was full of promises. He kept none of these. Not one. He actually deported fewer illegals than open-borders Barack Obama. He didn’t touch birth-right citizenship or sanctuary cities. He didn’t immediately end Obama’s unconstitutional DACA agenda, and wound up saying he wanted to make DACA work. And Mexico laughed at his vow to make them pay for his “big beautiful wall.”

Needless to say, Trump didn’t keep his promises on other issues, either. He didn’t bring the troops who are still nonsensically stationed in 150 or whatever countries around the world, home. He bombed Syria when his own Never Trumper advisers pressured him to. He assassinated a supposed Iranian “terrorist” and bragged about it, just like his arch enemies Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had previously boasted about their own murders. He backed down on releasing the JFK files when the CIA ordered him to. There was no infrastructure program. Trump said the same things about our sorry infrastructure that I’d been saying for years, but again he did nothing.

That was the story of the Trump administration. Four years of nothing. Except tweets. Trump tweeted a really strong game. If he had governed like he tweeted, he would have been another George Washington. Trump was great at getting in food fights with clueless “Woke” celebrities. And he succeeded in what I think was his mission- to hopelessly divide the country and make any Third Party movement in the future impossible. So I dubbed it the Trumpenstein Project. The elite took the innate populism of the masses out there, and channeled it into the insincere rhetoric of both Trump and Bernie Sanders. Now everyone is firmly in the camp of either the Democrats or the Republicans. All because of Donald Trump.

The QAnon psyop was developed, almost certainly by an intelligence agency, to quell the growing restlessness of the MAGA crowd, over Trump’s failure to deliver on anything. Trump had memorably declared, “There will be so much winning that you may get tired of all the winning.” QAnon was an attempt to pacify these loyal supporters. Predictions of mass arrests, of great things happening in “two more weeks,” and references to the “White Hats” who were readying themselves to take over and end the tyranny. Trump’s inexplicable inaction and flip-flopping was attributed to him playing 4000 degree chess. He was keeping his enemies closer. Just remember to trust the plan.

And then came the 2020 election. Bold and obvious fraud everywhere. Mail-in ballots without signatures, or dates. Mysterious deliveries of boxes of ballots in the middle of the night. Suspicious behavior caught on videotape. Over a thousand sworn affidavits from unconnected post office employees and poll workers, testifying to the fraud they had personally witnessed. Trump complained bitterly on Twitter, as always personalizing things, and absurdly claiming he would have won in “a landslide” without the fraud. Then he hired the worst legal team any billionaire had ever seen, and some 62 out of 64 courts refused to even look at their evidence. Trump’s ballyhooed Supreme Court was of no help, either.

So on January 6, Trump enticed his supporters to attend a rally to Stop the Steal in Washington, D.C. He vowed, during his speech there, to march to the Capitol with them. He was then whisked away, and never showed up. After police officers, all caught on film, waved protesters inside the Capitol building, things quickly went south. The media instantly reported that there had been an “insurrection.” Trump sent a video message to his supporters, in which he urged them to go home. It wasn’t lost on many of us that his hair was a different color than it had been during his live speech. Obviously, it had been prerecorded. It was all planned, and he was in on it.

The state sponsored media lied relentlessly about what happened on January 6. They are still lying about every aspect of the event. An unknown number of protesters were thrown into prison, kept in solitary confinement, and beaten. All of them nonviolent. All of them denied due process. All of it unconstitutional. And all of it supported by every politician in both parties, every “journalist” in our “free press,” and saddest of all, a majority of the increasingly dumbed down American populace. In over three years, not a single civil libertarian has complained about America having political prisoners in the nation’s capital.

Many of the January 6 defendants, who were guilty of nothing except exercising their constitutional right to assemble and protest, have been convicted and given draconian sentences. In fact, there was only one J6 defendant I know of, who hit the lottery by getting that 1 in a million judge, who instantly dismissed the case against him after viewing footage of the police waving him inside, who hasn’t been convicted. As in all highly publicized “crimes” of this nature, there is zero chance of any “insurrectionist” being found not guilty. Trumpenstein could have funneled some of the millions he’s raised at his ridiculous rallies into a real defense fund for these defendants. Of course, he hasn’t done that; instead many of them have had the worst possible legal “defense.”

Now Trump is promising to pardon the J6 protesters if he’s reelected. He won’t be reelected. And if he somehow is, he won’t pardon them. He could have pardoned them on his way out of office. Just like he could have pardoned Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden, and Bradley/Chelsea Manning. Instead, he pardoned some Blackwater executives and the president of Death Row Records. He went out following the pattern he had established during his four years, of never doing the right thing. That’s Trumpenstein. It’s a 4000D chess thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Looking at the scorecard over just the past seven years, since Trump was elected, it is startling to realize just how consistently the side of reason and common sense has been “losing.” Trump not only didn’t solve our immigration issues, his inaction enabled the psychotic Biden administration to open the floodgates. There is no longer any pretense about it. Every organ of this corrupt society is doing everything they can to get as many immigrants into this country as fast as they can. Flying them around to various areas, depositing them there to culturally enrich the communities. Giving them free healthcare when no one else gets it. Not making them learn the language.

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