My Croatian Weekly (Hrvatski Tjednik) Interview

On Pogroms, Transhumanism, ESG, Progressivism, the Trans Movement, Eugenics, Feminism, Parental Rights, CRT, Postmodern Art, the Ukraine War, & Other Controversial Topics

After being on the questioning end of Dissident Dialogues interviews for luminaries such as CJ Hopkins and Meredith Miller, I switched roles for this written interview conducted by Vanja Vinković on behalf of Croatian Weekly (Hrvatski Tjednik), an ad-free, print-only publication he describes as “the most-read newspaper in Croatia.” Vanja asked provocative questions that gave me an opportunity to probe topics I haven’t yet covered but which still relate to my overall mission to unmask totalitarianism, stop democide, galvanize the resistance, and awaken the sleeping before tyranny triumphs.

Following the publication of my interview, Vanja reported:

“Our conversation attracted a lot of attention from the Croatian public, and we also received numerous congratulations. Of course, those with opposite views are not happy, but that’s their problem

Below is an extended version of the interview that includes items omitted from the print version due to space.

VV: You recently published an interesting poem entitled Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice inspired by the COVID-19 “pandemic” in which you list the biggest pogroms of people in the twentieth century. What connects all these terrible historical events?

MAA: I could point to the Ten Stages of Genocide I map to the COVID democide in my Letter to a Holocaust Denier (Classification, Symbolization, Discrimination, Dehumanization, Organization, Polarization, Preparation, Persecution, Extermination, and Denial), but those are merely the implementation.

Why would a government embark on the mass murder of its own people in the first place? If we drill down to the raw, primordial magma, the answer is simple: power.

Why would a government embark on the mass murder of its own people in the first place? If we drill down to the raw, primordial magma, the answer is simple: power.

It is no coincidence that pogroms tend to be enacted by totalitarian regimes. It matters not whether it comes in the guise of the right or the left—both meet at the apex of control.

Totalitarianism at its essence is about sublimating the individual to the State, which positions itself as God. Controlling language, speech, and thought through propagandacensorship, and terror cements its role as the citizenry’s “single source of truth,” as New Zealand’s Empress Jacinda Ardern proclaimed.

In his 1983 essay Totalitarianism & the Lie, Leszek Kolakowski writes:

“The destructive action of totalitarian machinery is usually supported by a special kind of primitive social philosophy. It proclaims not only that the common good of ‘society’ has priority over the interest of individuals, but that the very existence of individuals, as persons, is reducible to the existence of the social ‘whole’; in other words, personal existence is, in a strange sense, unreal. This is a convenient foundation for any ideology of slavery.”

Any irritant, any dissenting voice, any threat to that all-encompassing hegemony must be exterminated. If a particular group—whether ethnic, religious, or ideological—has its own identity distinct from the State, that group is perceived as undermining the State’s authority.

By expunging the members of that group, the State both eliminates this threat and instills fear in the remaining citizens, thus achieving dominion over the populace.

Vasily Grossman writes in Life and Fate:

“The violence of a totalitarian State is so great as to be no longer a means to an end; it becomes an object of mystical worship and adoration.”

As an added benefit, the State can then seize the resources held by its victims, augmenting its economic power.

The present democide differs from historical pogroms in two critical ways:

  1. Instead of being confined to the boundaries of a nation-state, it is occurring on a global scale. Supranational entities such as the WEF, WHO, and UN are orchestrating it in collusion with strategically implanted leaders around the world. They are operating as a de facto one-world government and using the crisis they manufactured to usher in even greater controls through the proposed International Health Regulations amendments and WHO pandemic treaty(I recommend everyone follow James Roguski on Substack to keep apprised of these developments and actions you can take to help thwart them.)
  2. Excluding those victims who have been hospicided through financially incentivized protocols such as remdesivir, ventilation, or vaxx-contaminated blood transfusions, many are volunteering for their own destruction. Not having been given informed consent regarding the considerable risks of the COVID injections, they have been duped into believing they made the responsible choice.

These two differentiators make the Great Democide of the 2020s the gravest threat to humanity in history. Because it is worldwide, you cannot flee to another country, and because people have been bamboozled into believing getting injected is for their own health and the good of the larger society, they willingly submit. This makes for what I called A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation in my Corona Investigative Committee presentation.

It’s a win-win-win for the depopulationists—with the eager participation of the majority, they are terrorizing the world’s citizens into fearful compliance with tyranny; concentrating wealth in their hands; and thinning the population—in other words, power, profit, and democide.

VV: Even after three years since the declaration of the pandemic as a “deadly corona virus,” the majority of people do not realize how much they were indoctrinated by the media, so they still believe the drastic and mostly absurd restrictions on their human and civil rights by the ruling elites were medically justified. What does this say about the state of human consciousness of average Westerners, and is it the clearest example of “brainwashing,” which as a term was associated mainly with totalitarian societies?

MAA: Behavioral psychologists played an insidious role by manipulating people’s cognitive tendencies through messaging that stoked fear (see Laura Dodsworth’s A State of Fear), pressured people to conform, and enshrined lackeys as incontestable authorities.

I will admit to feeling disappointed after witnessing many individuals I once respected readily complying with tyrannical measures.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn writes in The Gulag Archipelago:

“We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more—we had no awareness of the real situation. We spent ourselves in one unrestrained outburst in 1917, and then we hurried to submit. We submitted with pleasure!

Vasily Grossman, too, was shocked by the human tendency to obey:

“Experience showed that such campaigns make the majority of the population obey every order of the authorities as though hypnotized.”

So yes, I do feel this was a clear example of brainwashing—or “menticide,” as Joost Meerloo coined—induced by an all-pervasive propaganda campaign engineered to foment fear, subservience, and fanatical faith in the State’s “solution” to the terror it had created.

At the same time, however, I felt inspired to see so many courageous individuals risking everything—their livelihoods, their reputations, their relationships—to speak bold truths that exposed the liescorruption, and democidal measures.

These are the people I call Badass Germans—as contrasted with the Good Germans who cheerfully fell into line with fascism. These are the kindreds I feel honored to welcome to my Substack community, as I describe in Letter to My Karass, to borrow Kurt Vonnegut’s term.

Meeting these fellow truth-seekers and truth-speakers was like finally breathing fresh oxygen after having suffocated in a claustrophobic room of putrid, polluted air since spring 2020.

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