Florida State Senator Declares War on Free Speech

The deep state is alive and well in Florida, and psychopathic authoritarianism runs rampant, contrary to the free state of Florida narrative. A Florida state senator introduced a bill that would require bloggers that criticize the governor or attorney general to register with the state and do regular financial reports. State senator Jason Brodeur (R-Lake Mary) is the authoritarian that wants to fine bloggers that don’t register with the state. This authoritarian is targeting anyone that criticizes the governor, attorney general, or members of the cabinet.

Brodeur’s unconstitutional, Senate Bill 1316: Information Dissemination, would force bloggers that are not obedient to the state to register with the Florida Office of Legislative Services or the Commission on Ethics. Bloggers would be required to submit monthly financial reports. According to news channel 8 reporting “blog posts that ‘concern an elected member of the legislature’ or ‘an officer of the executive branch,’ monthly reports must disclose the amount of compensation received for the coverage, rounded to the nearest $10 value.”

On the surface this nutty proposal should be laughed off and we could assume that it will go nowhere. That may be the case, but we should assume nothing after the past three years. The deep state is pervasive throughout Florida as it is any other state. Not that long ago I wrote an article about the Florida Bar’s War on Free Speech. In this bizarre case the Florida bar is going after the license of a former candidate for state attorney in a partisan Republican political primary. Christopher Crowley, the candidate that lost the race for state attorney, is facing a bar complaint, apparently made by supporters of his opponent. This complaint is over political speech during a partisan campaign, not the practice of law. Currently the case is in limbo as Crowley is in active duty military service overseas. Surprisingly, no free speech organizations have come to his legal defense.

Are they afraid of the bar?

This state senator’s Orwellian proposal by state senator Jason Brodeur should be attacked vigorously. This state senator should be censured for blatantly violating his oath of office. The governor and every member of his cabinet should issue a statement calling for his resignation.

Countless people have died due to government misinformation and big tech and big media censorship which was done in coordination with the government. Information about the potential harms of C19 shots has been censored and many have died, are dying, and are permanently disabled. The censorship is working. Many people still do not know the dangers of C19 shots let alone that they are biological and technological weapons.

Our Lee County Florida GOP’s ban the jab resolution is trickling out across the country. On March 6th, Collier County has joined the call to ban the jab. Heads are starting to spin in Tallahassee.

Still, PR Newswire’s PRWeb censored the Lee GOP’s press release which would have gone out to over 1200 news distribution sources. The ban the jab resolution would be all over the place. The absurdity of this censorship is unfathomable. One of the major political parties, albeit local, press release was censored. A press release on a vote on an actual political event was cancelled.

Was this an in kind donation to the other party?

The reason PRWeb gave for the censorship was that it incited fear and went against CDC policies. This is the same CDC that clearly violated the Nuremberg Code by resisting releasing the VSAFE data for 407 days till finally the court forced them to. The same CDC that was pushing the false safe and effective narrative. Didn’t the CDC see the Pfizer clinical trial data showing the shots were not safe or effective?

The media and government have incited fear for the past three years, and they prohibit a press release on the vote of one of the major political parties, because it incites fear. The email from PR Web stated:

Per our guidelines, which can be found on our website, PRWeb does not publish releases that attempt to incite fear or panic, including but not limited to releases predicting the end of the world or terrorist attacks. PRWeb also does not publish false, misleading, or information not verified by the CDC or third party, peer reviewed publications.

Please remove all mentions of “strong and credible evidence”, mentions of vaccines used as weapons, incites fear, hate, or speaks derogatorily toward any group of people, mentions of fraud, illegal, immoral activity by any entity.

If this cannot be edited to meet PRWeb’s guidelines around COVID-19 or our guidelines more broadly around, we are happy to refund the cost of this release.

Again, this wasn’t just a press release making a statement. It was a press release about an actual event that occurred and the vote outcome. It included quotes from members and the actual resolution.

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