Greenwald: NYT Finally Admits "The International Community" Does Not Stand With US on Ukraine

A typical consumer of Western and especially American media over the past year of war in Ukraine might be forgiven for assuming the so-called international community is fully in Washington and NATO’s corner. But a detailed tally of nations and where they stand shows otherwise.

This week, two somewhat surprising reports out of the most prominent and visible newspapers in the US have much belatedly set the record straight. Journalist Glenn Greenwald has pointed out that finally The New York Times has acknowledged the reality that the majority of the globe does not in fact “stand with the US” in its approach to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Greenwald sounds off in a Twitter thread as follows…

Greenwald then directs the reader’s attention to statements from the Times report which proves long-standing media assumptions in this regard were nothing but ‘false fairy tales’.

No, there was never any kind of “united” global stance, per the report (emphasis ours):

But the West never won over as much of the world as it initially seemed. Another 47 countries abstained or missed the vote, including India and China. Many of those “neutral” nations have since provided crucial economic or diplomatic support for Russia.

And even some of the nations that initially agreed to denounce Russia see the war as somebody else’s problem — and have since started moving toward a more neutral position.

And more from the Times:

A year on, it’s becoming clearer: While the West’s core coalition remains remarkably solid, it never convinced the rest of the world to isolate Russia.

Instead of cleaving in two, the world has fragmented. A vast middle sees Russia’s invasion as, primarily, a European and American problem. Rather than view it as an existential threat, these countries are largely focused on protecting their own interests amid the economic and geopolitical upheaval caused by the invasion.

Greenwald points out that The Washington Post has also made a similar concession…

Greenwald continues his commentary:

A staple of left-wing foreign policy is the valorization of the “Global South” (for good reason: I share the view that they matter more than is recognized). Yet as both papers say, the “Global South” rejects support for the US view of Ukraine, yet the US left ignores this.

A major reason the US liberal-left in DC is *unanimous* in support of Biden’s war policies — even as the left all over the world is divided to hostile — is lingering anger toward Russia because of the view they helped defeat Hillary.

Greenwald concludes: “It’s utter madness but it’s how they think.”


Reprinted with permission from Zero Hedge.