Fed Regulations Caused More Crashes, Injuries, Deaths

Hi Lew,

Data shows that crashes, injuries and fatalities involving commercial big rigs have skyrocketed since 2017 when the “ELD MANDATE” (electronic driver logs) was implemented in 2017. The very reason that congress gave for implementing this garbage was to “save lives,” they insisted all drivers use electronic log systems.

Yet when questioned on the disastrous results 5 years later, the FMCSA Administrator Robin Hutcheson (who’s probably never been in a big rig in her life) insists that

ELD’s are “a tool that we believe to improve safety.”

(Is that the same logic they use to “believe” in “masks”?)

Typical government, right? They implement all these regulations which don’t even work then continue to defend these nonsensical rules. (Just as seat belt laws and cell phone laws failed to “save lives,” but nobody wants to address that data, either.)

BTW, having used both paper and E-logs I personally prefer using E-logs to paper logs, (it’s easier and less time consuming, yet not without some glitches.)  But I certainly don’t believe they should be mandated.

A great article on all this here:

ELDs and highway safety: Crashes, injuries and fatalities rise post-mandate

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