How to Assess Whether a Death Was Caused by the Covid Vaccine

I wrote about this on Aug 13, 2022, but it was buried in a longer post. This dedicated post will make it easier to find. It can be found also in my Reference section on my Substack.

Executive summary

People can die from the vaccine for at least a year after their vaccination.

Here’s how to do the proper tests during the autopsy to find out whether the vaccine played a significant role in the death.

Here’s what pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole recommends

Here’s the article where we discussed it. That article links to the Rumble video:

Dr. Cole recommends Dr. Burkhardt’s protocol for autopsy.

He also wrote me:

On section II.2 I would also consider TLR4 stains on heart microscopic slides. I would also add a SARS cov2 nucleocapsid antibody test to all microscopic tissue sections where spike is found to verify damage by viral infection vs vaccine tissue damage.

So this is what all medical examiners in the US should be doing.

How many are doing it? Just one guy: pathologist Ryan Cole MD. And he’s not a medical examiner!

Other methods

Also, doing the studies outlined in the Schwab paper can assess vaccine causality. Basically, if the body is attacking organs like the heart, brain, lungs, or other critical organs, that’s another telltale sign.

Finally, looking for:

  1. extensive micro-clotting
  2. large amyloid clots

is also a telltale sign of COVID vaccine involvement in a death.

I do wish someone would create a definitive guide, but in the meantime, I hope this is useful.

Why isn’t the CDC producing recommendations for medical examiners?

The CDC should be all over this if they care about the safety of the American public.

Have you seen the CDC guide to medical examiners to instruct them on how to assess whether the COVID vaccine played a role in a death?

Of course you haven’t because it does not exist.

If such a guide existed, the most it would say is: “This page intentionally left blank”

Why doesn’t it exist?

Because they do not want anyone to find out the vaccines are killing people. Biden wants people vaccinated. That’s their top priority at the CDC. I know. I’ve talked to people who used to work there.

The CDC should be requesting medical examiners do the proper tests for anyone dying proximate to vaccination. Within a year would be good, but they aren’t even requesting this if the person died within 24 hours of COVID vaccination!

They don’t want you to know about the safety of the COVID vaccine. Period. Full stop.

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