The United States of Imperialism: An Exercise in Power, Control, and Domination Over All

“The greatest menace to the world today is growing, exploiting, irresponsible imperialism.”

Mahatma Gandhi (1949) “Communal Unity”

Imperialism is the state policy, practice, or advocacy of extending power and supremacy by direct territorial acquisition, or by gaining political and economic control of other areas, often through employing brutal and violent power, especially military force, but also ‘muted’ (political, psychological, and economic) power. While related to the concepts of colonialism and empire, imperialism is a distinct evil ideology that can apply to many forms of expansion and many forms of governance, all bent on conquest and total control over territory, property, and populations.

Considering the current global takeover plot that has been levied against all of mankind by the so-called ‘elite’ few; those very powerful and rich who seemingly rule the world, it is necessary to clarify the reasoning for the title of this essay. As I have said on multiple occasions, the United States today is the head of the snake that is global tyranny. I stand by this position, regardless if this country survives, and becomes the leading entity at the top of the totalitarian and future imperialistic pyramid of power or not. The world in my view, is not run by one country, or several countries, by one ruler or many rulers, but by those most powerful individuals; those central and large banks, corporations, NGOs, think tanks, tax exempt foundations, and other ‘world’ organizations such as the UN, the WHO, the IMF, and the WEF.

With that said, the United States long ago became the leading imperialist power on earth, and still is today in this writer’s opinion. This does not mean that the world will be run by America instead of by controlled local governments and technocrats globally, or that the top seats of power will be held by only American individuals and entities, but all that has happened over the past many years, especially the past three years, has been most affected and controlled by U.S. policy and interests. Most of the world, for whatever reasons, consider the U.S. to be the leading governing body on earth, and rely on its approval and parental lead in most cases. This is certainly due to the dollar’s current reserve status, the monstrous military, U.S. history of aggressive wars, its wealth, its false reputation of being free, its controlling position in NATO, its spurious notoriety as savior and spreader of ‘democracy,’ and more, which is based only on propaganda, lies, and hogwash. “So goes America, so goes the world,” is still true at this time, although it seems evident that the real power behind this reset will determine the major players in the “New World Order.”

Historians differ in opinion as to when exactly this country became an empire, but I would posit that America has practiced imperialistic goals since the very beginning. Many say that the U.S. became an empire in the late nineteenth century, especially when it annexed Hawaii by force, and some think it began with the U.S. entry into World War I, but American imperialism began long before that time. Britain and Europe’s conquest of the Americas, replacing the indigenous people in the eastern and southern U.S., happened centuries ago, and as time passed, more came from Europe to settle here. The very evil Christopher Columbus, in the historically very inaccurate portrayal of discovery of the Americas, began efforts to enslave the natives, and conquer this country in the fifteenth century, and it has been little different since.

The entirety of the United States, and its expansion, have been riddled with empirical desires and encroachment, murder, and slaughter of American native peoples, and territorial confiscation through immoral land purchases and displacement of the homelands of people here long before America was ‘founded’ as such. This behavior never subsided, but it did take different forms. Instead of simply illegally conquering, buying, or stealing land and resources, the psychological and political torture and manipulation of the population of America and elsewhere was brutally obvious, but never to the extent that it is today. The warmongering under the guise of protecting liberty began early on, and it all was a lie.

A new strategy of imperialism began in earnest at the time of the signing and ratification of the falsely lauded Constitution, which was simply a political coup meant to build a stronger empire. The powers clauses in that heinous document clearly bear this out, and the empirical growth since has been astronomical. It is interesting that in 1507, the current land of the Americas, now the United States and West, was called the “New World.” Was this coincidence, or a premonition of things to come?

In the world of today, imperialism has taken on a new meaning of sorts, or at least is being pursued in a different manner. While the term imperialism originally referred to the expansion of power by territorial conquest, especially conquest of foreign lands, it now is more the conquest of peoples through more ‘sophisticated’ (deceptive) means. Instead of brute force, expansion of power is universally sought through political and psychological channels; this accomplished by extreme state fear mongering of any form of monsters from within and without the actual territory of the perpetrating state. In the case of the U.S., this has been accomplished due to decades, even centuries, of indoctrination, nationalism-building, dependency, and dumbing down of the bulk of the population.

The U.S. currently demands compliance with its global draconian restriction measures, regardless that each country considers itself to be sovereign. Heinous act-of-war protectionist practices (sanctions) levied at will by this country’s government are just one example of controlling other countries without physically taking their territory. By controlling the economics, finance, natural resources, and political systems of other countries, the effective result is imperialism by other means, structured through threats and cooperation with collective entities formed by individual countries at the expense of all others. This is the reason for the U.N., NATO, and other nefarious global partnerships meant to consolidate power in the hands of the few.

The result of this type of empirical expansion has changed the very basis of empire, as it has allowed for each country independently to practice empire domestically, causing imperialism to exist worldwide by a collective society of states in what could be considered the ruling class pawns of each. This phenomenon was plotted and planned, not accidental, and is the basis for a global takeover by the few through the proxy players of each powerful state against its own and other weaker nations. In essence, this strategy will destroy the single nation state empires in favor of multiple empires based on a technocratic consolidation by the few most powerful over all.

This does not mean that their will not be a hierarchy of power; quite the contrary. At this point I believe the United States is at the top of this pyramid, along with China, Russia, and Europe, however, this lineage will restructure over time, as most country’s economic systems are purposely destroyed in an effort to ‘rebuild’ a global ‘community’ run by major and minor entities, with heads of the controlling states being in a position of cooperation for total technocratic control. This is why I refer to the United States as being the head of the snake at this point in time.

Many empires have existed, from the Babylonian, the Persian, the Roman, the British, and today’s American Empire, with many more along the way. Failure of each independent empire has always been inevitable, but the concept of power and empire has always been sought, and is alive and well. Given that we may be entering a period of global empire with a combined ruling structure, will this be the end of any free world, and the downfall of humanity under the authority of an all-consuming global empire built only to gain total domination?

Imperial politics, American “exceptionalism,” and attitudes of superiority over all others, has led to an avoidance of the truth, and an acceptance of brutality, when real world events expose that ignorant Americans demand respect while its empire in the false name of fighting for freedom, has slaughtered millions of innocents around the world in its quest for dominance. Only a mass awakening, and an independent, individual, and active physical resistance can change this course we are on today.

“The American empire is a modern imperialist power structure. That which it cannot seize through irresponsible and immoral corporate bargaining, it will take by force by pitting local indigenous factions against each other, while backing one to overthrow the other. Once successful, the force that was backed will either be copacetic to US interests or be painted as a threat to its national security and exterminated through military invasion.”