Compromised Biden Cannot Lead America or The World

Last week the Russian government held a press conference where it aired accusations of breath-taking corruption on the part of Joe Biden and his family.

Unfortunately, this event was no fake news Russian propaganda. The incriminating evidence presented at the event came straight from the hard drive that belonged to Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

As you may know, in 2019 Hunter Biden carelessly abandoned his laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware. This was an act of astounding recklessness, since the emails, text messages, files, photos, and videos contained on that computer provided an extensive record of greed, corruption, bribery and graft not only on his part but also on the part of his father and other members of their family.

When the New York Post tried to report on the hard drive in October 2020, the America mainstream media and law enforcement authorities refused to acknowledge it or take appropriate action. Rather than commencing an investigation, the establishment falsely claimed that the hard drive was a product of “Russian misinformation.” They did this even though they knew it was real.  The staff of the New York Post conducted an extensive, multi-level authentication process to ensure that the hard drive was genuine, and they made the details of this process available to anyone who cared to check.

The establishment, however, banded together and refused to act. Instead of investigating the guilty party, they attacked the messenger and went into overdrive to censor the incriminating information under the cover of the “Russian misinformation” canard. With the collaboration of Big Tech and the legacy media, they managed to suppress the truth and most voters were unaware of the hard drive’s contents. Most of those who managed to hear of it still believed that it was Russian misinformation. That they fell for the establishment’s “Russian misinformation” lie is not so surprising, given the revelations seemed too outrageous to be factual.

Needless to say, it was all true. In the months following the November 2020 election, various individuals and media outlets were gradually forced to admit that the hard drive was, indeed, real. The hyper partisan New York Times and the Washington Post are among the latest to confirm this fact.

But even though the establishment has largely succeeded in keeping this information from the American public, their malfeasance is now coming back to bite us. This is because foreign entities and governments also have Hunter Biden’s hard drive, and they are now using it to point out the obvious corruption of our president and the whole of the Washington establishment. In other words, they will do the job that our media and legal system refused to do when the scandal was first brought up in America.

They will do this before the eyes of the whole world and will bring shame on what the international community now increasingly views as a corrupt American president who leads a corrupt administration.

We got a taste of this last Thursday when the Kremlin used Hunter’s messages to show he apparently facilitated and financially benefited from bioweapons research in Ukraine. And even though the American mainstream media – true to form – refused to report on it, the rest of the world saw the evidence clear and loud. This is the headline from the British MailOnline:

Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal, raising more questions about the disgraced son of then vice president

To make matters worse, Hunter did this while his father was vice president of the United States. He thus used his father’s influence to put himself in a position where he could benefit from these kinds of illicit ventures.

How do you think the rest of the world will look at our president and country in light of such information? They will see us as a double-faced hypocrite who breaks the rules and laws that it punishes others for breaking.

But they will go further. They will completely discredit our president – who claims to lead the free world – as an unscrupulous and unconscionable man who has sold out his own country. They will then imply that the whole Western system is corrupt and degenerate because it is led by a person like that.

Several foreign outlets have already reported on the Bidens’ connection to a shady Ukrainian company Burisma. As you may have heard, in 2014 Hunter Biden was put on the board of that shady outfit and paid one million dollars a year in compensation. At that time his father happened to be vice president of the United States. Because of his background in foreign affairs, Joe Biden functioned as President Obama’s point man when it came to matters of America’s foreign policy. Joe Biden relished the assignment and took deep personal interest in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and China.

Since Hunter Biden does not appear to know much about oil or gas, he was obviously given his Burisma appointment and lavish pay because the company’s owners believed he could influence – through his father – American policy in ways that were favorable to the company.

Joe Biden would get a cut from Hunter’s takings, a fact which was communicated by Hunter in his emails. In their drive to enrich themselves, the Bidens would enter relationships with some of the shadiest characters around. Burisma, for instance, was co-founded by a well-known corrupt Ukrainian oligarch who is now a fugitive from justice.

When Burisma was being investigated for money laundering, tax evasion and other serious offences by Ukraine’s top prosecutor, one of Burisma’s top executives sent an email to Hunter Biden asking him how he could use his political influence on Burisma’s behalf. This is what he wrote, in part, to Hunter:

“We urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence to convey a message / signal, etc. to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions.”

When Joe Biden subsequently visited Ukraine in his role as vice president of the United States, he pressured Ukrainian government officials to have the prosecutor fired. This he did by threatening to withhold one billion dollars in US aid which had been promised by Barack Obama. After some resistance, the Ukrainian government officials caved in and fired the prosecutor. Joe Biden later boasted about it in a talk that was recorded on video.

Joe Biden boasts about having effected the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating a company by which his son was paid a million dollars per year

Notice what Joe Biden was doing: He was using US taxpayers’ money to bully a foreign government for the purpose of enriching his own family.

The offence the Bidens committed in this instance is called influence peddling. By directing US foreign policy in ways that would benefit foreign entities who kept his family on lavish payrolls, Joe Biden sold out his country and betrayed the trust of the high office he held.

While Joe Biden served as vice president of the United States, the Bidens apparently ran their influence peddling ploy in numerous places across the world.

The Bidens’ brazen influence peddling is being openly discussed in the foreign press. Just last week, for example, the UK Guardian ran a story titled Stealth Hunter: Biden’s tangled business dealings are becoming hard to ignore. The subtitle of the piece read as follows: “Influence-peddling is Washington’s ‘spectator sport’ – but now there’s an interest in taking a closer look at the president’s son.”

Former New York prosecutor Rudy Giuliani called the Bidens “a crime family.” This may sound harsh, but the evidence suggests that his description is quite accurate.

Watch Rudy Giuliani discuss some of the misdeeds of the Biden family

Shamelessly leveraging Joe Biden’s public office into financial gain through influence peddling and shady deals is apparently the Biden family practice.

This has, in fact, been admitted by none other than Hunter Biden himself in one of the most astounding self-confessions ever recorded on video. The incident was reported on in considerable detail by MailOnline last year.

One of Hunter’s hobbies is filming himself while being engaged in sexual relations with prostitutes. After one such escapade in 2019, he left his camera running, and it recorded a conversation he had with his woman of the night. He informed her that his father was planning to run for president and then described to her his family’s modus operandi: Hunter told the lady that if Joe Biden wins Hunter will make “like a gazillion dollars.”

Now that the whole world knows about this, you can only imagine the contempt in which Biden is held by foreign leaders. They know him to be a man who sends his venal son around the world to charge money as he sells out his own country. They see him as a man without character or conscience who personally enriches himself at the expense of his own nation.

How can such a compromised man lead anyone much less the world?

It was reported recently that the leaders of Saudi Arabia and UAE refused to take Biden’s phone calls when he tried to speak to them regarding Russia sanctions.

It was also reported that when Biden tried to convince Chinese president Xi to join the sanctions regime against Russia, Xi refused and then changed the subject and lectured Biden on Taiwan instead.

Are we surprised that Biden is treated like this by foreign dignitaries given what they know about him? You can be sure they have been thoroughly briefed by their staff about the evidence of his misdeeds, since their access to this information is not censored by the American legacy media or Big Tech.

But we must not be angry with foreigners for treating Biden with contempt. The problem is with America’s corrupt establishment that did not take care of this problem when it first surfaced. Instead of investigating the mischief of the Biden family, they put him in the White House.

And now this malfeasance and dereliction of duty by those who should have known better is coming back to haunt us.