Revolver’s Case For Disbarring Binger

The entire political show trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has been a disgrace and a sham. The Rittenhouse self-defense case never should have been brought to trial in the first place. It was a travesty of justice that charges were even filed. Many have forgotten that the crazed, partisan Democrat Kenosha District Attorneys office rushed to file charges just two days after the shooting, before any sort of detailed investigation could be completed. The prosecution shamefully lied and slandered Kyle Rittenhouse before the trial even started. They then did so again, endlessly, at trial.

It goes without saying that there is a mile-long list of elected officials, attorneys, and other assorted public figures who must pay a price for the tawdry and disgusting railroading of the heroic 17-year-old “Kenosha kid” who singlehandedly stopped devastating looting and riots in their track with a few shots from his trusty AR-15. And the first shameful partisan political liar on that list goes by the name of Thomas Binger.

Thomas Binger, the floopty-haircut-sporting, goateed, Star-Wars-pin-wearing bespectacled dork draped in candy-cane ties and technicolor shirts, must pay the ultimate career price and be immediately disbarred by the Wisconsin State Bar.

The precedent here is Mike Nifong, the shameful and disgraced North Carolina prosecutor who broke every principle of fairness and justice in putting on a sham trial in the case of the Duke LaCrosse players from 2006.

For those who do not recall, three Duke LaCrosse players were accused of raping a black stripper. DNA evidence did not match any of the three players, and the corrupt, venal, and politically ambitious prosecutor Nifong brought the case anyway.

Nifong’s sole motive for bringing the case was to raise his political profile and win re-election. He bragged that the case would bring him “millions of dollars’ in free advertising.”

Nifong was disbarred and even jailed for his perfidious conduct. He cried tears of shame as his sentence was read out, waived his right to appeal, and begged for forgiveness. By the end of it, Nifong was sued into bankruptcy, and the state refused to defend his actions on the grounds that they involved “fraud, corruption or malice.”

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