French Lawmakers Revolt after ‘Woke’ Non-Binary Pronoun Added to Dictionary

French politician Francois Jolivet blasted the pronouns

Lawmakers in France have revolted against a “non-binary pronoun” that was added to the French language in he latest edition of the Le Robert online dictionary.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of Education, tweeted:

“Inclusive writing is not the future of the French language.”

“Hence, even though our students are consolidating their fundamental knowledge, they cannot have this as a reference.”

The Le Robert dictionary added the “iel” which is a combination of the masculine “il” and the feminine “elle” in French.

According to the dictionary, it is a “personal subject pronoun of the third person singular and plural, used to refer to a person regardless of gender.”

French politician Francois Jolivet blasted the pronouns in a letter to the French Academy.

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