How Much Is Truth Worth To You?

You come to as a seeker of truth, especially if you have been following my columns at  You are already here reading this article because you know the truth is difficult to find these days.  Or as most people say to me, “we don’t know who to believe.”

In light of the fact Google recently cancelled its agreement to share click fees generated from posting its ads on the website, I ask, how much is truth worth to you?

Google’s answer as to what truth is worth

I looked it up on the internet.  Google’s answer to that question is some rapper who calls himself “Trae Tha Truth” has a net worth of $400,000.  That is Google’s answer as to how much truth is worth.  Google’s answer is, of course, irrelevant but predictable,  as it is obviously being managed by bots.

And Google is worse than being irrelevant.  Google is a public electronic roadway to finding the truth that is in the business of censoring the truth.  Google is like driving an automobile on a highway and all the road signs take you to the wrong place.  And you won’t find that out till you get there.  Frankly, you might be dead before you get to your destination.

Today’s truth

Would it be valuable for you to know a present truth, an actionable truth, like I shared at on February 18 of 2021 when I reported the amino acid lysine, available as an inexpensive dietary supplement, is a safe, effective and economical (10-cent) antidote or preventive against most viruses, herpes, influenza, and coronaviruses like COVID-19?

Of course, this truth is valuable, and that report resulted in an online crowd searching for sources of lysine pills.  It generated a shared profit to as the conveyor of that news.  Enough to keep operational.

A past truth

Or it might be valuable to learn a truth from the past.  I just submitted to a current report about a forgotten remedy that prevents and/or treats heart attacks, originally posted at on January 28, 2010 and now 11 years later, confirmed by current research.

This report reveals a truth, that statin cholesterol-lowering drugs are not only worthless (don’t prevent mortal heart attacks) and problematic (they increase the risk for diabetes and cataracts), but a simple natural remedy (chondroitin sulfate, sold in health shops for joint pain) convincingly eradicates heart disease, without all the doctoring.  How much would that be worth to you?

A future truth

Or let’s try some future truth.  Sometimes we can prognosticate an upcoming but unwelcome truth.  The anticipated approval of a drug regimen of ten pills taken over a 5-day period can literally bring to zero the number of deaths from COVID-19 and halve the risk of being hospitalized, which means the American public doesn’t need to be immunized with an RNA or DNA-altering vaccine that isn’t providing lasting immunity anyway.

We just let nature take its course, natural immunity being many times more effective than vaccination, and if we do become terribly sick we can take the new drug.  All of the unnecessary vaccination can be eliminated and had this drug been available throughout the course of the pandemic announced in March of 2020, only the 44 million Americans with laboratory-confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 would have now taken this new pill, and be gone with the needles!

The news media doesn’t want you thinking for yourself and getting ahead of the story.  Let me say it another way: competition within Big Pharma may eliminate the need for vaccines altogether!  We won’t need to vaccinate kids and just allow natural immunity to run its course, and for those who do become severely ill, we give them these new pills.  Big Pharma has met it worst enemy – itself.  The truth will certainly set you free from Big Pharma!

Upon examination, a presumed truth is a falsehood

Or just maybe there are reports that expose presumed truths, like my report that documents face masks don’t work.  Believe it or not, face masks don’t even lower infection rates in surgical suites where open wounds are directly exposed to airborne pathogenic bacteria or viruses!

Unless the public understands the gravity of this development, Big Pharma will keep selling the public problematic RNA/DNA vaccines AND the new pills.  There are 40 more of these anti-viral pills in the pipeline to treat influenza, herpes, HIV, hepatitis, etc.  Bye-bye hypodermic needles!

It certainly would be valuable for you to know all this now that employers and government demand you get vaccinated or lose your job.  But the vaccine game will be over the day the FDA approves this new pill.  Once there is an approved drug, all of the emergency-use permits for these experimental vaccines will be nullified and will come to a crashing halt.

Only your knowledge of this will apply pressure for modern medicine to halt all the mandated vaccinations that have now made our kids the sickest in the developed world.

Hypocritical Truths

And just to understand how falsehoods are maintained while the wool is being pulled over your eyes, wouldn’t it be worth knowing that pediatricians who insist vaccines are absolutely needed for our kids to remain healthy, don’t always vaccinate their own children!  What hypocrites!

Value of truth: for starters, worth $38 trillion

Or how about a truth that has been concealed for a long time, that humans can live much longer and healthier than ever imagined.  How much would that be worth?

My report published at on Aug. 19, 2021, indicated the answer to that question is $38 trillion just to add 1-year to life expectancy.  (FYI: that is larger than the national debt.).

But that is a societal benefit.  What would it be worth for you to learn that humans are only living one-third as long as they were originally designed to live due to a gene mutation that nixed our ability to make vitamin C internally?  And what would it be worth to you to learn how to repair that gene mutation and restore endogenous synthesis of vitamin C via another simple secret modern medicine doesn’t want you to know about?  (As reported a on Nov. 15, 2018)

Listen to truth rather than read about it

Now if you want to listen to the truth rather than read about it, from a source that has more credentials than I, then you might want to listen to this blockbuster report at WINNING THE WAR AGAINST THERAPEUTIC NIHILISM by Dr. Peter McCullough.

Now let’s smash censorship

We CAN smash Google’s censorship!  We do it by continued learning of what is true and what is not, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  We do it by putting many of these truths into practice, whether they be lysine, vitamin C or D, resveratrol, etc.

Your valuation

Now, now, if all of the above truths are deemed to be worth anything to you, before the federal government takes your money out of your bank and ushers in digital “bank” accounts managed directly by the US Treasury Department that will certainly decline any donations to, you have opportunity to donate a few dollars to keep the truth factory at going.  That is why I and others donate our time to writing for the good of all.  Keep the flame of truth burning.  Do it now!

Now in tangible terms, you tell me how valuable truth is to you.

As a wrap-up, I share a story borrowed from

There’s a story about a man who lived in Paris who had a stranger from the country come see him. Wanting to show the stranger the magnificence of Paris, he took him to the Louvre to see the great art and then to a concert at a majestic symphony hall to hear a great symphony orchestra play. At the end of the day, the stranger from the country commented that he didn’t particularly like either the art or the music. To which his host replied, “They aren’t on trial, you are.”

The truth is on trial.  You are in the jury.  The jury is to determine a financial award.  How much is truth worth?   $25 donation to would be a good start and aggregately we could build a stockpile of capital to ensure truth has a future.