The Vaccines Do Not Stop Severe Covid or Death

In the last couple of months, we have witnessed a complete failure of the vaccines to curb the spread of Covid-19. In fact, rather than diminishing the incidence of this disease, the injections seem to facilitate it. To wit, several countries with very high vaccination rates – such as Israel, Great Britain and Seychelles, for instance – are also posting some of the highest infection rates.

Consider this headline from CNBC from May of this year: The Seychelles is the most vaccinated nation on Earth. But Covid has surged.

Israel stands today as perhaps the most flagrant example of this. One of the most vaccinated countries in the world, it is now reporting the highest Covid transmission rate on the planet. What’s more, Israel leads this undesirable statistic by an astonishingly wide margin. Consider this shocking piece of information from Mail Online:

“Stats compiled by Oxford University-backed research team Our World in Data shows there were a record 1,892 Covid cases per million people in Israel on Wednesday — nearly 0.2 per cent of the entire population in a single day. That was significantly higher than second worst-hit Mongolia, where the rate was 1,119 per million”

This should open people’s eyes to the lie we have been told about the effectiveness of the vaccines. If you recall, it was initially claimed that the vaccines were 92 to 96 percent effective against Covid-19 and that these vaccines were the way to freedom and to the end of the pandemic.

This is, for example, how these numbers were reported in a piece on Yahoo Finance in November of last year: “Pfizer’s vaccine is 95% effective in preventing COVID-19, while Moderna Inc said its vaccine has the same efficacy.”

The initial claims of vaccine effectiveness, however, were based on deliberate manipulation of trial data whereby vaccine manufactures reported relative reduction of risk as opposed to absolute reduction of risk that would be achieved by their products. This scientific paper explains the issue. Since you may not have the time or patience to wade through the formulas and technical jargon, we would draw your attention to a revealing chart presented by the authors.

Please notice the vast difference in relative and absolute risk reduction for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. While the manufacturers kept talking about the 95.1 and 94.1 figures, which, indeed, sounded very impressive, the absolute risk reduction was actually only 0.7% and 1.1% respectively. The later set of figures were hardly ever mentioned in mainstream reporting on the subject.

The real-world data that is now available to us has glaringly exposed the falseness of the manufacturers’ original claims. Unwilling to accept responsibility for this debacle, the vaccinators have predictably shifted their narrative. Now they are telling us that even though their vaccines will not protect us against infection, they are still very effective in protecting against serious illness and death.

This has, in fact, become the new mantra of the Covid establishment. This mantra is repeated in every single mainstream news report – whether in print or TV – which discusses the obvious failure of the vaccines to halt the spread of Covid infection.

“If you are vaccinated,” they say to us, “you may still get infected, but you will not get seriously ill or die because the vaccines are still effective against that.”

The assertion that the vaccines protect against heavy Covid and death, however, is another bald lie that is easily refuted by real-world data. This claim is based on the same fraudulent methodology that was used to back the first false claims of vaccine effectiveness.

You can easily see the truth if you look at the actual numbers collected from the ground. If you do, you will quickly learn that most cases of serious Covid and death in nations with advanced vaccination programs occur among the vaccinated.

Consider the following selection of reports and news items:

According to Becker’s Hospital Review, as of August 15, nearly 60 percent of people hospitalized for Covid in Israel were fully vaccinated.

According to Dr. Kobi Haviv, who is medical director at Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, 95 percent of severe covid cases at his hospital are fully vaccinated.

According to a report from the Jerusalem Post, the overwhelming majority of those who died of Covid in Israel in the first half of July – fifteen out of twenty people – were fully vaccinated persons.

According to a recent report by the UK government agency Public Health England those who received a COVID-19 vaccine are more than three times more likely to die from the Delta variant than unvaccinated people.

According to a piece that ran in the Vision Times in early July, death and hospitalization rates in the UK are higher for the vaccinated than for the unvaccinated. This is what we learn:

“The death rate for fully vaccinated individuals was 0.636 percent, which was 6.6 times higher than the unvaccinated death rate of 0.0957 percent… Fully vaccinated individuals were also found to be more prone to hospitalization than their unvaccinated counterparts. Out of the 4,087 fully vaccinated people, 2.05 percent (84 people) ended up in a hospital. Among the 35,521 unvaccinated people, only 1.48 percent (527 people) were hospitalized.”

According to a July report from Medical Xpress, “More vaccinated than unvaccinated Britons are now dying from the coronavirus.”

According to another British report “most Covid deaths occur in fully vaccinated people.” Here is the data they refer to:

“From February 1 through August 2, Britain recorded 742 deaths from the delta variant. Of these, 402 were fully vaccinated while 79 had received just one shot. The remaining 253 cases were unvaccinated.”

The report also notes the following: “In Israel and the US state of Vermont too, a majority of new hospitalizations were fully vaccinated.”

In a recent posting, Alex Berenson, a former New York Times journalist (now cancelled), presented a chart drawn from UK government data that shows a rising numbers of Covid deaths even as the country’s massive vaccination drive covered nearly 90 percent of adult population. Please keep in mind that most of those deaths are among the fully vaccinated. “Something is very, very wrong,” observes Berenson aptly.

So much for the dishonest claims that the vaccines will protect against developing heavy Covid and dying.

The figures gathered from the ground show a completely different story. Anyone who says otherwise is deceiving you. Unfortunately, these days this lie is embedded in nearly every mainstream media story or report on the vaccines.

The evidence of real-world numbers clearly shows that the vaccines do not stop severe covid or death. Those who claim otherwise are not telling the truth. Such people are either ignorant of the facts or are deliberately lying.