The NIH Still Recommends Against Prehospital Care With Hcq And Azithromycin For Covid-19

I accuse the NIH of crimes against humanity, mass murder, academic fraud, and pandering to the pharmaceutical industry and the Blood lust of the liberal agenda and globalist psychopaths.

NIH recommendations must not be followed because they propagate a false narrative and ignore dozens of peer reviewed papers that have establish an 85% reduction in hospitalization and death when high risk patients are treated within the first few days of symptoms. The NIH doesn’t include the use of zinc which is the viral killer by inhibiting the enzyme rna dependent rna polymerase.
The NiH claims that Hcq/Azithromycin do not work without zinc. Agree with that, but they do work with zinc and reduction reduce hospitalization and death by 85%.

The NIH is an instrument of death, public disease, and strives to maintain pathogenic public fear. Then they encourage a medically unnecessary, ineffective, and horrifically dangerous poisonous “vaccine”.

Disregard the NIH and live.

This originally appeared on Gab.