From the Notebook – Who Does Davos Turn To After Biden?

From the Notebook Posts are reworks of posts first published for my Patrons. This one is from August 21st.

With the collapse of Afghanistan and the clear inability of Joe Biden to handle the situation the clock is winding down quickly on The Davos Crowd to figure out how to keep things from going completely off the rails.

Opposition to mandatory vaccination and the public use of private medical data is rising far quicker than they anticipated. It’s exposing the extent of the uselessness of the people installed by them in places of power around the world to effect the Great Reset.

From New Zealand to Canada, France to the White House, Davos thought they could basically pull an Emperor Palpatine and just ‘make The Great Reset legal’ and it would all work itself out. That is clearly not happening.

The stories coming out of Australia are as deeply disturbing as Biden’s bungling the retreat from Afghanistan. It highlights how quickly petty tyrants have turned into inhuman killers of the defenseless, i.e. rescue dogs in Australia.

But, then again, this is the fundamental problem with collectivists of all types. They hate those things they want to protect. The same people criminalize ‘animal abuse’ then lobby for, fund and create through taxes doggie concentration camps at the local county run shelter.

Life to them is cheap. So cheap that they abstract the value of it to zero in order to justify their lust to rule over others, masking their fear of a hostile and unpredictable world. What’s being done to dogs in New South Wales will escalate to unvaxxed humans if this isn’t stopped in its tracks.

Once the dehumanization starts it doesn’t end until the tyrants are overthrown and defeated. Moreover, when one group is pushed to the brink of extinction that puts them in the position to fight back harder than they have ever fought back before.

Existential threats are like that.

So, heaven help the tyrants Down Under, because there is a special place in Dante’s EZ-Bake Oven (H/T Dennis Miller) for people who gas rescue dogs.

To Every Season, Churn, Churn, Churn

The point of this is that this rising opposition to the New Normal as promoted by Davos is forcing an acceleration of their plans. I’ve talked about this before. And when you see a 180 degree shift in a media narrative you have to take it seriously.

Because it means something significant has changed.

The media and most of D.C. has turned on Biden in a complete 180, just like they did on the COVID-9/11 lab leak theory once it became useful for Davos to do so and Dr. Fauci was caught by Rand Paul red handed lying to Congress.

Now, I believe strongly that the mess in Kabul was planned chaos.  It was designed to make the U.S. look like a bunch of bungling morons. I’ll lay aside, for now, the reality that the messy pull-out from Afghanistan was meant to sow chaos there, leaving behind billions in weapons to re-arm ISIS/Al-Qaeda to snipe at the Taliban and frustrate their ability to form a government.

Biden has been set up to take the blame for this. He’s neither prepared for it nor even capable of processing the speed at which this is happening. It’s almost like he’s as lost in The Churn from James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse series as the rest of us have been. To remind you …

… The Churn is that moment when, “the rules of the game change.” Which game?

Amos: {from The Expanse} “The only game. Survival. When the jungle tears itself down and builds itself into something new. Guys like you and me, we end up dead. Doesn’t really mean anything. Or, if we happen to live through it, well that doesn’t mean anything either.”

Embedded in Amos’ idea of The Churn, however, is that while the rules change, society itself keeps on keeping on. So many people right now are trying to analyze the political situation in terms of The Churn, the normal ebb and flow of who has the upper hand in the power struggle.

So, from where I’m sitting the game has changed and who has the upper hand is the key to our surviving it or not.

Back to Biden, because he clearly isn’t a guy who will survive this. If he hadn’t spent his one lifetime in service of the most venal forms of corruption I’d almost feel sorry for him because elder abuse is an awful reflection on any society, just like gassing rescue dogs is. But, like I said, we’re dealing with people who have no soul, no center and only the unquenchable envy that resides in those without those things searching for meaning in their meaningless existence.

So, Biden is not long for this life in the public eye. He is quickly being pushed out of the picture, another dog put down to pave the road to global serfdom.

I Think I’m Turning Euro-cheese

Now, in contrast, have you noticed how the UK, France and Germany are all getting the big pass on getting their people out of Kabul even though they were in the know about the situation there?

Have you noticed the desperate bleats from people like Tony Blair and EU Foreign Minister Josef Borrell about the loss of Afghanistan?

Obviously, this is meant to distract from rising civil unrest at home, but the real takeaway is to further divide Europe from the US on everything

In their power-soaked, globalism-addled minds, how can Davos’ ideas survive if it can’t milk the U.S. tax-cow to spend trillions on protecting their interests in central Asia?

Boris Johnson’s government just voted to hold Biden in contempt for his Afghanistan debacle.

Biden’s team mismanaged the Afghanistan retreat knowing full well what was likely to happen. The knives are already out for his National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Macron, Merkel, the truly feckless British all knew the situation in country. Admitting Biden’s failure in Afghanistan is the one thing neocons and neoliberals truly agree on.

So their turning on him through the media reveals clearly the rules of the game have changed again.

At the same time, Alex Mercouris was correct in his assessment that Kamala Harris is also being sidelined because she’s not in Afghanistan or at least overseas coordinating with these foreign allies to work through the situation and get the Americans trapped there out.

She’s in Singapore and Vietnam getting hammered by the press and laughing about Americans being left behind.

What’s on display here is the tired old narrative, “We do everything better than the Yanks.” This also helps lessen the blow to the cognitive dissonance the Leftards are going through as this thing falls apart. They are rapidly coming to the conclusion that they ‘elected’ a sundowning fungus for President over a guy they hated for no other reason than because they were told by the very architects of this Afghanistan tragedy that he was a Nazi.

The programming is deep folks, on both sides of the political aisle.

There are plenty waking up but it may not be enough before everything explodes.  I’m serious now.

We are in the early moments of stage-managing Biden’s exit speech. But since we’ve also entered into a new game, the old rules don’t necessarily apply.

The big question now is, what happens next?

Kamala Chameleon

I have to believe Davos has already calculated what their best course of action is. I’m going to start by stating I don’t think Kamala Harris is the answer for them, unless the goal is for the next president to be so thoroughly hated by an angry, confused America that the country literally tears itself in two.

The problem is she may be the biggest problem they have now, because she’s not on anyone’s team but Team Harris and I think that’s why she’s in Singapore now to see if she can curry the right favors and be allowed to take over.

Getting rid of Biden will not be difficult at this point.

So, Harris, while she is hated by everyone, is also uniquely unqualified for the job as president. That being said, she’s not unqualified at being a schemer and a power-seeker. She and Obama must get along famously.

That said, I’m sure she’s game-planned out her course to the Presidency even if Davos, who, in my read, may want something different. Someone in these post-Churn times who is more predictable.

If public outrage over Afghanistan reaches any kind of fever pitch, because of, say, Benghazi-like images of Americans getting shot and dragged through the streets of Kabul blaring nightly on what passes for news in the U.S., then Biden will have to resign.

If we add in definitive proof through the audits that the Democrats cheated in the election during this, then we have maximum chaos and Harris doesn’t survive that either. Remember, Davos used the pivot on COVID-9/11’s origin to foment anti-China sentiment in the U.S.

Using the audits to pivot and delegitimize Harris at the same time seems both in character and very possible.

Now why wouldn’t that mean a restoration of Trump? Well, has the Supreme Court done anything notable since Davos put their full-court press on last summer?

When I say I think the U.S. is being liquidated, I’m serious folks.

I don’t see Kamala Harris, the ultimate political diversity hire, surviving that. In fact, the Democrats would be in complete disarray if the audits began causing real ground-level unrest. The mid-terms are already a lost cause. So, time is of the essence to get this operation done.

Maybe I’m being too reductionist here as Harris has plenty of cards to play within the Democratic party apparatus, but only if her position is considered legitimate and only if the Democrats are more than two steps ahead of the lynch mob.

25th Amendment Nervous Breakdown

That said, if we see a 25th Amendment challenge to Biden’s competence then all roads lead to President Harris, it’s the way the 25th reads, unless there’s no Vice-President. Harris would have to resign first, and she’s done nothing that would prompt that. In fact, her distancing herself from Afghanistan is the smartest move I’ve seen her make.

That leads to the expected scenario which is Harris ascends to the Presidency and likely choosing Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be Vice-President and President of the Senate. To get her confirmation through Nancy will make a deal with Mitch McConnell and that’s that. It’ll be a good deal for the Republicans.

Nancy gets the gold ice cream freezer and two more years in D.C. versus the one year left on her likely last term in Congress. At the same time, McConnell knows he’s neutering her when the Republicans win the mid-terms (assuming they happen at all). She lives the dream as the 2nd female Vice-President.

But, if Biden steps down in disgrace because of the combination of election fraud, Afghanistan and something else we haven’t game planned out yet, then Harris will have to go with him.

At that point things get weird. Going through the list of Democrats who could fit the bill available under that scenario is problematic because it’s so short it’s practically non-existent.

And if Harris is going to resign as well under threat of impeachment, then Biden’s last act as president would be to appoint a new vice-president per the 25th Amendment. resigned before Nixon did, which allowed him to nominate Gerald Ford who was confirmed, took office and pardoned Nixon.

Here are the relevant portions of the 25th Amendment.

Section 1In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President.

Section 2Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

So, if history repeats and Biden resigns alongside an unacceptable-to-Davos Harris then Biden’s last act will be to nominate a new Vice-President who then assumes the Presidency. And here I contend that Nancy Pelosi will not become the first female president.

They need someone competent to run things, young enough to last through the term and, most importantly loyal to Obama and Davos.  This person cannot spark revolt from the normies nor be overtly partisan to those in ‘Flyover Country.’

The goal is a neutral person who no one has a strong opinion on but who is well-versed in the ways of things which matter.

Hillary is out.  She’s depreciated goods. Davos has no use for her.

Pelosi is out because she would never survive a majority vote of the Senate. Mitch McConnell, who would see this as the ultimate opportunity to break the Democrats permanently for the next generation, might actually smile.

I don’t even see her wanting the job at this point. She’s got ice cream dreams.

So who does that leave?  No one who ran for President in the primaries.  They were all clowns, except for Tulsi Gabbard of course, but she’s out of politics in a rare showing of humanity by someone who spent time in D.C. The rest were chosen specifically to get us to a Biden/Harris or Harris/BetaCuck ticket.

This person can, however, be wholly unacceptable in the same corners of the U.S. population which is already being herded into the status of “domestic terrorist” and “sub-human semi-citizens”… that’d be libertarians, constitutionalists, refuse to get the vaccine and who see globalism for the corporatist nightmare it truly is…. in short, people like you reading this article.

Mitch McConnell would love nothing more than to stick it to us after what happened on January 6th. He gets to play kingmaker of a ‘neutral’ candidate.

Dammit, Janet Davos Loves You!

So who is this person? The answer came to me in a flash while replying to someone on Twitter and I’m ashamed to admit it took me this long to see it.

The answer, of course, is Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.  Ticks all the boxes.

Female, seemingly apolitical, knows her way around Washington, former head of the Fed and a Davos troll to the tips of her fingernails.

And, just to put the cherry on top of this theory, she is the only person who could credibly stand up to Jay Powell at the Fed who has clearly gone off the Davos reservation by defending the dollar and the Fed. Per my last article, if the Fed is truly fomenting a dollar crisis to reassert its primacy in the pantheon of central banks, then Yellen would be the one person who would complete the Davos coup by firing Powell, neutering the Fed and ending the chaos created by Biden.

Davos has to reassert control here and restore our faith in The Churn. Yellen is just the person to make sure all of that happens.

I know what you’re thinking, though, it seems a stretch to put an unelected central banker at the head of a powerful country? What are you smoking, Tom?

I told you the Central Bankers were coming!

So, expect President Yellen in the next six months, effectively appointed by Davos like Mario Draghi was appointed in Italy. They don’t have a lot of time to pull any of this off, no less getting Biden out of office.

With President Yellen, the central banker takeover of the West would be complete with this arrangement.  I don’t know if it’d work out the way Davos plans, but it’s the cleanest solution to their current problem I see.

For this reason alone, I think this is the most likely scenario as things are quickly escalating with Biden.

If you don’t like it, there’s a dog kennel with your QR code on it.

Reprinted with permission from Gold Goats ‘n Guns.