There Are Serpents Among Us

There are some among us who act to bring ruin. There are some among us who act to bring destruction. There are some among us who act to demoralize.

Do not take them at their word. Do not take their actions for genuine. Do not assume them sincere. Do not presume them to hold your shared values.

There are people among us who would destroy everything you treasure in one fell swoop if such power were allowed them:

Your child.
Your home.
Your marriage.
Your land.

Your child they would mask and enslave, pump with chemicals and enfeeble. Your home they would monitor and invade, leaving no moment of solace, no place to call your own to do with as you see fit. Your marriage they would attack from forty different directions. Your land they would deny life-giving water. They would number and tax the rain and collect that which fell. They would prevent you the use of your seed. They would sow your land with salt if they could do so today, knowing that in a century, it would be theirs or in the hands of others like them. They would fill your air with poisons meant to confuse and words meant to do the same.

The demoralization of the land around you is near complete. To rob a people of their morality. To rob a people of that which gives them foundation. To rob a people of that upon which their morale exists. To rob a people of wisdom and understanding. To rob a people of that which they need to persevere through times difficult.

He who would deny you that, no matter his stated intent, no matter his claims to sincerity, he who would deny you that prepares you for takeover by the enemy.

He who demoralizes you must be avoided at all cost. He has no place in the life of a warrior at a time like this.

The antidote is among us. The antidote to demoralization is moralization or even hypermoralization, to make yourself as decent and as upright as quickly and as thoroughly as you can. To make yourself as obedient to your values as promptly as you can. To part with indecency as suddenly as you can. To enter into a life of diligence as thoroughly as you can.

Perfection is not needed of you, an unceasing pursuit of excellence is.

You were raised by a slothful and frivolous generation, raised into a slothful and frivolous society, brought up even in a church perhaps, a church slothful and frivolous. Your hypermoralization is sure to be a thing extreme to you or those around you. Seen from a distance of time and place, your hypermoralization might be seen as a laughably, minor change to those who never had to endure the demoralization of a great people that you have had to endure. Your efforts at hypermoralization will be laughable to those who know better, to those who never turned astray.

What may seem extreme to you, will be but a step in the right direction to those already headed that way.

But do not be discouraged by that.

There is a way out of this. It begins in your life. It begins in your home. It begins on your land. It begins in your family. It begins with you.

Separate yourself from all that demoralizes you. Unite yourself with all that moralizes. Be emboldened. Seek wisdom. Make the goal of your life to live each moment more upright, more diligent than the last. You are promised nothing but this moment. You control no one but yourself.

But in that, you have such awesome power to, in this moment, make the most amazing decisions with that life that you have total control over. Make the most excellent decision with that which is given to you and in the time given to you. And if you are given another moment, make the most excellent decision with that next moment given to you.

Put one step after another just like that, one excellent moment after another, one decision in support of excellence after the next, focusing on this very moment in which you live. Do that repeatedly, with obedience to your values and integrity, and you will encourage and inspire yourself and all around you. By your very decisions, you will separate out and chase away those who do not want that.

Fear not.

Do that over and again, and you will, before much time passes, be in the midst of a revival around you that once looked impossible in our darkest days.

Do that, and we escape those darkest days. Do that, and we right the course. Do that, and we will even, one day, right the wrongs. Focus on the one thing you are able to affect most truly — yourself and the moment you live in — live it as upright as you can, and there will be no ability for anything but for you and yours to thrive in the face of even the greatest adversity.

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