Why Freedom Doesn’t Need a Plan

Dear Allan,  

On Saturday afternoon I went for a long walk in my neighborhood here in the Big City. 

I have been guilty of the indelicate crime of addressing unfamiliar passersby with questions and comments about their mask wearing. I usually get no response and I walk on. 

This neighborhood is a melting pot. Among the many ethnicities found here is a large islamic population and they appear to be big mask enthusiasts for whatever reason. When I strolled down a street in one of the more islamic sections I came upon a surgically masked and hijabbed 30ish woman standing in front of an apartment building. 

In my admittedly rude tone I offered “Allahu Akbar. Does God ask you to wear a mask?” Of course I got no reply and walked on. 

I had only gotten three steps before her husband, also surgically masked, rushed out of the building and angrily challenged me for accosting his wife. 

I told him that he is a free man and that the state could not command him or his family to wear any mask. He was speechless and other than him tapping me on the chest, that was the sum and substance of our interaction. 

As I walked away in peace I felt we understood each other. Perhaps the brusque encounter will lead to something positive. There is much at stake. 

Thanks for the recent article on today’s LRC.

– A Doctor from New York City  


I am here to wake up the lions.

I have no stake in waking up the sheep.

I have no passion for converting a leftist.

I have no love for heated argumentation with a person who has covered their ears, who betrays their heart, and corrupts their well-being.

Dear reader, you are a lion I helped wake up. Your every email to me is a reminder of how important my work is: to wake up lions.

I am unlikely to begin the conversation you just mentioned.

I am unlikely to ever don a mask the way you did some of these past months to infiltrate and lie low.

I am unlikely to spend my days making time for those who do not see the evil around us.

I am unlikely to ever have the conversations other, more patient, readers like you have.

My only work, my only goal, is to rouse the lions from their slumber. If I can do that, the rest will take care of itself.

That is my work. And it may be your work too. But whatever your work is, and however you define it, as respectfully as I can say this, is not very relevant to me — because I know something far more important: if I can wake up lions like you, I have made the world notably more free, not through any planning of my own, but just because wonderful lions like you go through the world living your life.

Freedom ripples out around such a life well lived.

The Bottlenecks Of Trying To Centrally Plan Freedom

I can talk to ten, maybe twenty, maybe thirty people personally in a day and digest what they are saying to me. Beyond that, no man is able to do that work. Beyond that, every man expected to do so becomes an albatross to any movement.

My job is to wake up the lions. The face masks are an opportunity for that. For that reason, I focus on them.

There’s little else that I do. There’s little else more wonderful I can be engaged in at this moment in history.

The Only Planning A Lion Needs 

I ask you, dear New York reader, and every reader.

1.) What do you want to accomplish?

2.) What are the ways to best accomplish it?

With those two questions, properly answered, frequently revisited, no evil can be any match for an awoken lion.

The feminine is not good or bad. It is one approach, and as a male, it unsurprisingly, is not an approach natural to you. Some would criticize your behavior as too brash. You will find no such criticism from me. My only criticism is on whether or not your strategies are effective. If they are, keep them up. If they are not, then reform to be the greatest pinnacle of you that you can be.

Shaking Others Out Of Their Slumber 

Thank you dear New York reader for shaking the obedient around you.

You cannot know how much it means that another narrative is coming into flesh and blood contact with them, standing its ground, operating with confidence, and perhaps even operating with love.

Some would say you should never confront a person you aim to influence. You must approach with agreement, only ever agreement. Such thinking is solidly feminine and is very valuable. Its value does not make different approaches any less valuable.

The heckle is a precursor to getting one’s full attention.

A fight is the precursor to making up.

A struggle is the precursor to seeing a worthy enemy as worthy.

There is honor in a fight.

But this era wants you to say that every fight is dishonorable, that every fight must be had in free speech zones — literal cages — and in carefully constructed metaphorical bureaucratic cages for containing the disobedient in piles of procedure and paperwork.

Kafka’s The Trial is an example of such a bureaucratic cage, intended to exasperate the citizen activist long before the citizen activist moves the bureaucracy an inch.

No such cage is fitting to a free man.

Dear roused lion, if you feel the heckle is what accomplishes your aims in this fight, by all means heckle. Heckle, as much as you can heckle, to accomplish those aims.

You Are A Warrior, This Is A Battle, Do Not Forget & Do Not Be Dissuaded By A Feminized World  

Sport is a metaphor for war. Sport is a “safe” way that a society contains and suppresses natural masculine tendencies. Societally, we have no qualms about telling an athlete to leave it all on the field, to walk off the field without an ounce of strength left.

The same takes place among warriors in battle. This is quite natural, since the risk of death focuses the mind and activates the body beyond anything previously known capable.

Great stories are made of such superhuman feats.

We should be just as interested in our contemporary warriors leaving everything they have on the battlefield. Everything.

Defeat Is Breathing Its Foul Breath Down Your Neck, Waiting For You To Relent, So It May Turn You Into A Distant Memory 

Your total demise, dear reader, is so much closer than we imagine. Their plans for you are minutes away, hours away, maybe at most days away.

How effectively they have dismantled the defenses of good men by bringing the fight off any battlefield and into our minds.

Everything is needed of you right now to win this fight.

Something tells me their best laid plans will never come to fruition. The evil breathing down your neck, ready to end you, will never be able to do so, because to do so, they will need to conquer your mind.

To win victory around you, they will need to silence you.

And you do not acquiesce to being silenced. No, you roar like a lion!

And the panty-wearing men of New York know not what to make of it.

If they could just conquer your mind and silence your voice, your demise would come before the next sunrise.

Roar all the louder my good man, and you may come to lead even he who was ready to fight you.

All that is needed for men of this era to be free is for the lions to be roused from their slumber. All else will take care of itself.

Come out of your slumber dear lion. Fling that mask down to never be worn again. Read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson to get yourself there, read Allan Stevo’s writing, to stop masking as well, and sign up for his email newsletter at for videos, classes, and activism opportunities on the same. We can stop this before it is too late.