The Hypocrisy of the Left on Discrimination

“No, I won’t serve you,” said an employee of a Seattle chocolate shop to two cops.

The incident allegedly occurred on April 27 at Chocolati in the Wallingford neighborhood. The employee—a white girl with green streaks in her hair—refused to sell the cops a box of chocolates. The cops then left.

The Post Millennial contacted Chocolati for comment and a store employee who answered the phone said in conversation:

Is this how you want to spend your time? Getting essential workers in trouble?

Shouldn’t you be spending your time harassing homeless people?

You really want to spend your time getting essential workers in trouble?

Go f*** yourself.

After the story broke, a third officer said that he had experienced the same treatment at another  Chocolati location.

The company is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is very much against the police.

I have not seen any liberal news sites, progressive pundits, or Democratic politicians denounce this blatant act of discrimination. The hypocrisy of the Left on discrimination knows no bounds.

Imagine if two blacks, two American Indians, two Hispanics, two Jews, two Muslims, two homeless people, two illegal aliens, two soldiers, two hippies, two gays, two lesbians, or two transsexuals were refused service at this or any other place of business.

No matter how small a town it happened in, it would be national news for weeks. We would be harangued by the news media day and night about the evils of discrimination. There would be demonstrations, riots, and boycotts. The talking heads on television would lecture us on how immoral and unethical it was to refuse anyone service. There would be calls for a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The “public accommodations” section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would be trotted out: “All persons shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, and privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, as defined in this section, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.” To this has been added discrimination on the ground of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or age.

Now, all of this being said, I still support the right of this chocolate shop in Seattle or any business establishment anywhere to refuse to serve anyone. This is not because I hate blacks, American Indians, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, homeless people, illegal aliens, soldiers, hippies, gays, lesbians, or transsexuals. It is because I believe in individual liberty and property rights.

If a Christian baker or a florist wants to refuse to bake a cake or arrange flowers for the “marriage” of a same-sex couple, then the couple are free to take their business elsewhere. If the Catholic owner of a store doesn’t want to sell to Protestants, then there are many other options available. If a Republican businessman advertises that members of the Republican Party receive a discount, then Democrats can pay full price or take their business elsewhere. If a church of cultural conservatives refuses to receive as members those who are part of the “LGBTQ+ community,” then there are many other churches that will receive them with open arms. If a black-owned business doesn’t want to sell to “whitey,” then there are plenty of other businesses that are colorblind. When I have been refused service at a restaurant because I would not wear a face mask to walk to my table, I ate elsewhere.

In a free society, the right to refuse service is universal and absolute. All businesses would have the right to discriminate against any potential patron on any basis and for any reason. No one has the right to shop at any particular store, eat at any particular restaurant, or work any particular job.

Since discrimination is not aggression, force, coercion, threat, or violence, the government should never prohibit it, seek to prevent it, or prosecute anyone for doing it. Anti-discrimination laws are an attack on property rights, freedom of association, and freedom of thought. But instead of being repealed, they are being expanded every year to include more and more oppressed groups. This is anathema to a free society.

Hey cops, next time try a donut shop. They have never been known to refuse to serve cops.